The Dominator, also known as Bases in Assault Game Modes, are AI-tanks exclusively found on Domination, Assault, and the event boss game modes. They serve as game mechanics and for win condition on all three game modes. There are three types of Dominators found in the game: Destroyer, Gunner and Trapper variant.



All Dominators feature a black hexagon base underneath their circular bodies.

Destroyer Variant

The Destroyer Dominator has one barrel overlapped with a trapezoid on its base, and shoots Destroyer-sized bullets. Its bullets are nonetheless stronger than an Annihilator's. Its FoV is bigger than that of a Gunner Variant.

Gunner Variant

The Gunner Dominator has three small barrels arranged in a similar fashion to a Triplet and overlapped with a trapezoid base, shooting Nailgun-sized bullets. It has the smallest FoV out of all the dominators.

Trapper Variant

The Trapper Dominator has 8 trap launchers arranged evenly all around its body. It only produces traps when a player (friendly or hostile) is within its FoV.


All Dominators are completely immobile, staying only on one spot. However, they have massive health to counter this, as well as strong weaponry to defend themselves. These weapons are much stronger than the tanks that use them.

In Domination, Dominators start out as contested and part of the Polygon team. The main goal for the players is to attack and capture them. Once their health has been depleted, they will become part of the team that destroyed it, regaining full health again. If a captured Dominator has been destroyed, it becomes contested again. Recently destroyed Dominators often become small, but eventually grow back to their original size. Usually, capturing at least three Dominators is the requirement to win the game.

In D-Day, a total of five Dominators are scattered around the red team's maze-like area, and are referred as Bases. Their species are randomly selected from the three variations but each variation must be present at any game round. They are initially part of the red team, with one being directly placed at their spawn point, and is called the main base. The objective of the red team is to defend at least 4 of them from the blue team for 8 minutes. The blue team wins if the red main base is destroyed. Unlike Domination, destroying a Dominator directly converts them to the other team (no contested state). D-Day blue Dominators are also weaponless though they regain their weapons when destroyed by the red team. Blue team's dominators, or "Bases" dissapear after a certain amount of time.

In Assault, the four Dominators behave pretty much the same as in D-Day, only that the defending team's (i.e. green's) main base is always a Trapper Dominator and is equipped with three healing turrets.

In Boss mode, four Trapper-Healer Dominators are located around the four corners of the player area. Players have to defend them against 25 waves of incoming bosses. Dominators destroyed by the bosses join the Polygon team, and they become yellow and weaponless. Although they can be repaired by players, should all four of them be captured at the same time, the players team loses the game. It should be noted that these Dominators are more durable than their cousins in other game modes.

Woomy Dominators

Crockett Variant

The Crockett Dominator looks like a Predator with a trapezoid base. It launches a rocket, then explodes after it reaches a certain distance. Then it grows until the size is 2 times as big as the body, then it disappears.

Steamroller Variant

The Steamroller Dominator looks like a reversed Hunter, and has big FoV (acts like a Destroyer Dominator)

Auto Variant

The Auto Dominator looks like a Auto 12, but it focuses on one player.



Work in teams. For a Destroyer or Gunner Dominator, one teammate can attract the fire and focus on dodging; others take it out quickly. For a Trapper Dominator, align your lines of fire so your bullets do not have to go through extra traps. Although some tanks provide indirect fire that allows you to safely attack a Dominator behind a wall, they are not as efficient.

Since contested Dominators are captured by the team that deliver the final blow, tanks that have high momentary damage output can be used to 'steal' a Dominator that is about to be captured by another team. The Manager , the Annihilator , and sometimes the Smashers are examples of such tanks.

Destroyer Variant

Destroyer Dominator

A Mortar soloing a Destroyer Dominator.

The Destroyer Dominator has slow bullet speed and reload. Combining with the fact that it shoots ahead of you predicting your movements, a player can direct its bullets aside by moving about periodically while shooting through the openings.

  • Strong against: Slow tanks, cluster of tanks staying too close to one another.
  • Weak against: Medium to fast tank that have concentrated fire over medium to long range, e.g. Single , Sidewinder , and Annihilator, with skill.

Gunner Variant

Gunner Dominator

A Gunner Dominator is completely helpless if you shoot outside of its FoV.

The Gunner Dominator, unlike its counterpart in, cannot be efficiently overpowered by a single tank, not even a fully powered Annihilator. Prepare to take a few hits or better: If you have encountered one in Domination though, you may discover that it has a slightly shorter LoS. Also, its bullet range is slightly shorter than its LoS, allowing one to attract its fire without any risk by stopping just beyond its bullet range.

  • Strong against: Most tanks that are too close.
  • Weak against: Concentrated long-range attacks, e.g. Sidewinder.

Trapper Variant

Trap Dominator

A Machine Gunner shooting at a trapper dominator at close range

The Trapper Dominator is less aggressive and much more diffuse in its firepower, meaning that tanks with a high DPS can safely capture it by focusing their firepower on one side. In fact, it is possible for a tank to sneak into its ring of traps, at the risk of taking damage occasionally though. When defending a Trapper Dominator, it offers rather reliable defence, which works particularly well with aggressive tanks such as the Overlord. Beware of Nailgun bullets, which are small enough to slip pass the traps, however.

  • Strong against: Tanks with diffused attacks, e.g. Overlord , Octo Tank .
  • Weak against: Tanks with strong and concentrated firepower, e.g. Machine Gunner , Annihilator, Sidewinder.


  • On May 9, 2020, AI pathfinding is reworked to avoid walls. Before that a Destroyer or Gunner Dominator would keep firing at the first enemy it spotted until the latter either died or moved out of sight. This meant that a team of players could have one teammate attracting a Dominator's attention behind the safety of a wall while others close in.



Getting killed by a Steamroller Dominator.

Captions for the ones without them: A Banshee with a Destroyer Dominator

The Auto Dominator (Blue Team)


The look of a Crockett Dominator (model cuz it is very rare)


The Crockett Dominator rocket and explosion.

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