The subject of this article is no longer in! Please keep note while reading that this feature is archived and cannot be done/played in anymore.

The Double Trap Guard is a removed tank from the beta stages of the game, seen as a type of "Mockup Content". Originally, it was a Tier 4 upgrade that stemmed from the Trap Guard that could be obtained at Level 45.


The tank features two Cannons on one side of the tank and two Launchers on the other side of the tank. This design looks similar to that of the Double Twin.


The Double Trap Guard has been replaced by the Bulwark, so presumably, it would've performed similarily to the Bulwark.


As the Bulwark

  • Strategies that apply to the Gunner Trapper apply to this tank.
  • Against focused fire tanks, shoot to block their bullets, then move behind the trap wall. If you are cornered, push forwards with your trap cannon, blocking bullets.
  • The Bulwark is great for defending an area, such as the middle, by making a trap wall and then defending it with the two cannons in the front.
  • Barricades are very effective against the Bulwark, your traps will have a higher damage and penetration, so keep moving backwards and sideways, avoiding as much of their stream as possible. Your traps will make it hard for them to follow, and your front cannon will do some damage. Once they retreat, chase them and kill with you twin cannons.
  • When playing defensively using the Bulwark's traps, reverse tank can be enabled to use the Bulwark's Twin Cannons as a recoil boost. This can also be used to help support allies in team-based modes.

Against the Bulwark

  • Use focused fire tanks, keep pushing, and dodge their traps by either strafing to the left or right.
  • The Eagle is extremely strong against the Bulwark, their large bullet can block traps, while their back cannons can either recoil the Eagle towards the Bulwark, or cancel out a Bulwark's bullets.


  • This tank has since been removed from the game.
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