The Double Twin is one of the current Tier 3 Tanks in that may upgrade from the Twin at Level 25. The Twin may further upgrade into the Triple Twin, Hewn Double, Auto-Double, or Bent Double at Level 45. Its upgrade key is Y.


The Double Twin has a circular base like most Tanks. It has two sets two Cannons of equal length, one mounted on the front of the Tank, and the other mounted on the back.


The Double Twin adds two Cannons to the back of the tank. Every Cannon has the same stats as Cannons on the Twin. The recoil, however, vanishes since every time one Cannon fires, another one on the other side fires to balance it out.


  • Strong Against: Low RoF Tanks, non-focused fire Tanks, rammers, groups of Tanks
  • Weak Against: High RoF Tanks, Drone classes, Tanks like the Triplet that have better focused fire than it, Large hordes of tanks(5+ Tanks)

As the Double Twin

  • Double Twins have two sets of Twin Cannons, making them decent at fighting multiple enemies at once.
  • The Double Twin plays identically to Twin, with the added bonus of being able to fight multiple enemies at once. However, the double cannons result in reduced recoil which can result in slower or faster move speed depending on the situation.

Against the Double Twin

  • The Double Twin is easily counterable with the same tactics as a Twin would be countered with, with the one difference being that the Double Twin is much harder to flank.


  • The Double Twin resembles the Twin Flank almost exactly, but has a different name.
  • All of the Double Twin's upgrades have the same number of characters in their name, counting the space between words as a character.



  1. This tank formerly upgrades into the Quad Twin in the Mockup Content.
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