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The Drones are one of Ammunition types used in Arras.io. They attack random nearby targets while not clicking, follow the player's cursor while left clicking, and repel from the player's cursor while right clicking. Usually, they are used by Director branches and come out from Spawners.




The most known and used type. It appears like a medium-sized triangle. The users have usually max Drone count from 3 to 8. Sometimes the Drone is AI-controlled, and can't be controlled by the player.
Users: Auto‑Overseer, Banshee, Bent Hybrid, Crop Duster, Director, Hybrid, Overgunner, Overlord, Overseer, Overtrapper, Commander, Armsman, Elite Destroyer, Nest Keeper, Zaphkiel



The 2nd most used type. It appears like a small triangle. It moves faster then the normal Drone. It has a short lifespan, so it disappears a few seconds after spawning.
Users: Battleship, Carrier, Cruiser, Fortress, Surfer, Elite Battleship, Commander, Freyja

Hive Drone


A type of Swarm Drone spawned by a Swarmer's Hives. It appears like a small square.
User: Swarmer, Beekeeper, Paladin

Necro Drone


The drone type with only 5 users, aka Square Drone or Sunchip. It appears like a normal sized Square, and can "infect" other Squares and turn them into other Necro Drones. Unique to the Maleficitor, its Necro Drone can turn invisible if not moving.
Users: Maleficitor, Necromancer, Underseer Theia



The not so common type with only 4 users. It appears like the Basic. It doesn't smash itself into the target; it rotates around the target and shoots Bullets.
Users: Spawner, Auto-Spawner, Factory, Rogue Palisade, Tyr, Nyx



The most uncommon type with only 1 user. It appears like a medium-sized triangle (same as a normal Drone), but an Auto Turret is on the center. It works like a Drone and an Auto Turret.
User: Overdrive

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