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The Dual is one of the Tier 4 Tanks in Arras.io that upgrades from the Twin or Hunter at Level 45. It may not upgrade further. The upgrade key for this tank for both branches is J.


The Dual has a circular tank body with a pair of lesser Hunter cannons, that is two sets of cannons each with a wider, shorter one overlapping on another. The pair points forward and cover almost the entire tank's fore.


The Dual is a tank between the Twin and the Hunter. That includes its FoV (25 1/4 horizontal grids), overall firing rate, and bullet speed. It has less bullet damage than Hunter.

Despite its close resemblance with the Hunter's cannon, the Dual's cannons are different in a few notable ways:

  • Individually, each set of Dual cannons have a longer reload than a Hunter cannon although they add up to shorter.
  • The second bullet from a Dual set is smaller than its Hunter counterpart.
  • Dual bullets have larger longitudinal and lateral random spread.
  • This tank has higher DPS, amounting to the same DPS as minigun or machine gun, and 3/5 the DPS of streamliner.

To set up a Dual Shotgun

It is possible to synchronize the pair of Dual sets to fire four bullets at once instead of in an alternative pattern. That adding on Dual's good bullet speed and unpredictable spread can constitute a long-range shotgun. For beginners:

  1. In preparation, enable auto-fire and memorize the time interval between firing the two sets of cannon. Then disable it.
  2. Enable auto-fire again but disable it immediately after the first set of cannons has fired once.
  3. Enable auto-fire just before the moment the second set of cannons would fire has auto-fire not been disabled. The two sets of cannons should now fire more or less simultaneously.

Bullet stacking can be performed to further synchronize all four guns.

Comparing to the Shotgun, the advantages of a Dual Shotgun include a sniper-class effective range, slightly better anti-bullet performance, strong recoil, and a rapid-fire mode to switch between. In exchange, it has a locked firing interval (more predictable) and lower short-range damage.

You can also stack the bullets of twin upgrades and minigun and hunter upgrades the same way.


  • Strong Against: Unaware tank, Shotgun.
  • Weak Against: Flanking, agile rammers or Tri-Angles, higher FoV snipers, Missile tanks, Drone Tanks, high RoF tanks, Duals with higher DPS.

As the Dual

  • The Dual has two major builds:
    • The bullet spammer build has high Reload and Bullet Health so that it can be played as a mid-range bullet spammer. It lies somewhere between the Triplet and the Musket in terms of firepower and FoV. However, this build is not very advised, as other bullet spammers(like the sprayer) take it out easily
    • The sniping build focuses more on Bullet Speed and Bullet Penetration, and typically utilizes the Dual Shotgun to one-shot enemies, but is easily countered by the Bullet Spammer Dual.
    • Nevertheless, the most popular build is probably a hybrid of the two as much of the difference is drawn from the firing pattern rather than the build.
  • The Dual Shotgun can be very effective against unaware tank. A boosting Annihilator, for example, will have no means to defend itself from the Dual's burst of bullets after shooting, easily getting one-shot. Timing and FoV strategies are critical for this play-style.
  • The damage of the Dual Shotgun can be significantly negated by enemy fire. Therefore stealth is the key, and it can be achieved by firing in the direction opposite to the enemy when repositioning, also boosting yourself.
  • The Dual's cannons are on the sides, quite far from its central axis. Use it offensively to one's advantage (in rapid fire mode).

Against the Dual

  • A low Reload Dual is vulnerable to skilled rammers and Tri-Angle classes because of its rather low DPS and recoil.
  • Sniper Duals are easily killed by Spammer Duals.
  • Snipers such as the Predator or the Ranger can exploit their FoV and precision advantage to defeat the Dual in a long distance combat.
  • Even the Hunter, its degrade, can kill this tank because of its more accurate fire and stronger bullets, along with more FoV.
  • Often the Dual's DPS and bullet spread prevents it from parrying Missiles effectively. A skilled missile tank player can therefore wear down the Dual from a long distance.
  • As a Drone tank, be reminded that the Dual is usually not powerful enough to destroy sufficient Drones to save themselves before being caught. However, one must stay in cover or else the Dual bullets will kill before the Drones.
  • The Destroyer branch is usually a poor match-up facing the Dual due to FoV and RoF difference.
  • It has less fov than a sniper.
  • Predator has more DPS as the Dual, along with more FoV
  • These tanks are good against the Dual.
    • Streamliner can stack its bullets and erase the Dual's bullets, also using it's fov advantage to snipe the Dual.
    • Triplet and sprayer can defeat a Dual, because the Dual has less Reload.
    • A dual with more reload.
  • Machine gunners should get close before trying to kill one, and even so it may be very risky.