The Dual is one of the Tier 4 Tanks in that upgrades from the Twin or Hunter at Level 45. It may not upgrade further. The upgrade key for this tank is H and J.


The Dual has a circular base with 2 sets of 2 Cannons. Two wide Barrels overlap two thin Barrels.


Upon upgrading to the Dual, the Twin gains two more Cannons, allowing for more firepower. Recoil is slightly nerfed.


  • Strong Against: Weak or slow rammers, some drone tanks, usually Trappers, low ROF tanks, slow tanks and sometimes spammers.
  • Weak Against: Fast and skilled rammers, high FOV tanks (mostly the Predator), spammers at a certain distance and Necromancers if the drones are spread out.

As the Dual

  • Becuase of its improved firepower, the Dual excels at farming, it is especially useful against Beta and Alpha Pentagons due to its great damage.
  • Try to gain a ton of EXP by killing the tanks mentioned above, the player's best bet is tanks with a low ROF. Especially if they can only shoot one bullet at once such as Destroyers in occasion. The player must fight more vigilantly when fighting tanks that can shoot more than one bullet at once, especially spammers.
  • Duals are great supporters in Domination, as they can defend Dominators decently as well as kill enemy Dominators very fast as well.
  • Snipers can be dangerous tanks to fight. Especially when they will use their FOV to protect them from any kind of prepared ambush attacks which would apply well with the Dual. A good way to take them out is to predict where the fast shots are coming from and follow the shots. Then when at close range, the player can proceed to kill the Dual. This works very well against Rangers and Rifles but not effective against multi-shot tanks like the Predator.
  • Going against rammers and drone tanks would require more experience. When doing so, the must run around in circles while shooting at the rammer, especially at close range, they will have trouble dodging if the player can aim well, Drone tanks like Overlords can be stopped by circling the drones while shooting them down. Then proceed to kill the Overlord when it is spawning more drones. Repeat the same thing when they aim the drones at you. If the tank repels their drones, there is nothing the player can do other than stay in one place and slip away from the gap between the two groups of drones as they close in then destroy them. This requires good movement speed as well.
  • When the player goes against Trappers, they should aim at the gaps between the traps or simply take out as many traps as the player can then hit the Trapper constantly.

Against the Dual

  • Fighting a Dual can be very hard at times if the player doesn't use the right tank. As they have great firepower and excelling bullet speed.
  • Rammers, are not very good tanks against Duals if they can't dodge well. A good ramming tank for dodging would be a rammer or semi-rammer Booster. Their fast speed will allow them to react quickly to the bullets and they can get close to kill the Dual. Rammers should watch out for attacks aimed in front of them.
  • When using snipers against the Dual, try to use a Predator. They can shoot three bullets at once while one Dual cannon can only shoot two. The player may easily defeat the Dual this way if he/she has excellent aim and a very decently upgraded ROF. When using a Ranger, it is best to always stay as far away as possible, as getting too close will mean that the Dual will have the advantage, due to its ability to shoot multiple bullets in one shot.
  • Destroyers can take one Duals occasionally, but failing to ambush will leave the Destroyer vulnerable. So the player must use their much higher recoil as an advantage to escape and come back to try their ambush attack again.
  • Duals at some situations can have trouble fighting bullet spammers such as the Triplet if both the spammer and the Dual are at a certain distance from each other.
  • Try to avoid using Overlords against skilled Duals, as they will try to use smart tactics against drone moves both either going in a straight line or spread out. Necromancers, however, can deal with this easily if they have a ton of drones ready to attack. The Dual will probably die easily by any attack form.


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