The Eagle is one of the Tier 4 Tanks, that may upgrade from the Pounder or Tri-Angle and not upgrade further. The upgrade key is J.


It features a round body like most of the other Tanks. the Cannon that looks like the Pounder's is at the front (it can be used by right clicking), and 3 Cannons positioned like the Triple Shot are at the back.


This Tank needs to click on the right side of the mouse to use the front Cannon, while left-clicking fires 3 Cannons at the back. Enabling auto-fire by pressing E only affects the back cannons.


  • Strong Against: Most Tier 1 and Tier 2 Tanks, tanks with low reload or movement speed, Tri-Angle and its upgrades (best from the Pounder cannon).
  • Weak Against: High Reload Tanks, Smasher-branched tanks if attacking from the Pounder cannon.

As the Eagle

  • Keep in mind that when you click on left click, you would be using the 3 Cannons from behind, while right clicking shoots a Pounder bullet to its front.
  • The 3 cannons, especially with good Bullet Damage and Bullet Penetration, are a good way to take out a large group of Polygons and low-tier tanks, such as the Basic Tank and the Tier 2 Tank. The Pounder bullet is best used against slower and resistant enemies.
  • Use the recoil of your back cannons to boost your speed, especially when chasing targets or escaping from enemies.
  • The Pounder bullet is also good for going against something like the Tri-Angle and its upgrades.
  • Utilize the back cannons to chase out Director/Overseer branch tanks, while using the Pounder cannon to break through the drone defenses or against the enemy tanks.
  • Tanks with low reload like Twister and Sidewinder can be an easy target, but their bullets should be evaded.
  • Avoid engaging fights against tanks with high penetration or reload, as they can overpower both of Eagle's bullets.

Against the Eagle

  • Tanks with High Reload, such as the Minigun, can take out the Eagle more easily.
  • Ramming with the Smasher and its upgrades is also a good way to encounter the tank's user, but best used when attacking the Eagle from the front and not the back, since more can be easily more damaged from its back and not its front.
  • Higher-leveled Director branch tanks like the Overlord can, if having accurate drone control, take out the Eagle.
  • Destroyer bullets are fatal if they hit the Eagle's body. Similarly, the Mega-3 could be a hard target for the Eagle due to its auto turrets dealing more damage.


  • The Eagle is the one of only 2 Tri-Angle branch that requires the player to use both left and right click, itself and the Falcon.
    • They are also the only tanks named after birds.


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