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Eggs are a type of Polygon found in Arras.io. They are the most common Polygon in the entire game, as well as the weakest and least valuable, awarding a mere 5-7 XP. They are so weak that a Basic Tank can kill one with a single un-upgraded bullet. They appear as small circles and often spawn in large groups. 30 to 80 seconds after spawning, they turn into Squares, Triangles, or Pentagons.


  • Due to their extreme weakness and low XP, it is better for players to farm on other Polygons, typically those that are larger and award more.
  • However, Eggs still are a viable option for extremely low level tanks who are desperate to level up.


  • Unlike most of the other Polygons in Arras.io, Eggs have no equivalent in regular Diep.io.
  • Rarely, Eggs do not turn into squares and continue to grow and grow until they become very large. They also get a darker color when doing this.[citation needed]
  • Kronos, one of the final bosses in Siege, uses the same color as the eggs.
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