Not to be confused with the Sentry, which are smaller non-Boss Crasher-based Polygons that also have weapons.

An Elite Crasher is a boss found in As their name implies, they are larger and stronger Crashers equipped with weapons. They come in different variations.

Elite Crasher Variants

  • Elite Destroyer
  • Elite Gunner
  • Elite Sprayer



All variants of Elite Crasher have a larger pink triangle as their base. The Elite Crasher is a larger, stronger version of a regular Crasher except it has weapons.

Elite Destroyer

This variant has one short but very wide cannon on each side, making a total of three cannons. It also has a Triplet auto turret, with the turret's body colored the same with the Elite Crasher's body.

Elite Gunner

This variant has two auto turrets on its front sides. These turrets each have two Gunner cannons. This Elite Crasher also has a large launcher that shoots out square-shaped traps with auto turrets, known as pillboxes, similar to those used by the Engineer. There is also two short spikes that stick out on the Elite Crasher's front, as well as another two on its back side.

Elite Sprayer

This variant has three Sprayer auto turrets on the sides. The turret's body has the same color with the boss itself.


Elite Destroyer

3 Cannons and 1 Triplet Auto Turret

Elite Gunner

2 dual Gunner-barreled Auto Turrets and 1 Pillbox Launcher

Elite Sprayer

3 Sprayer Auto Turrets


Having a high health and strong weapons, an Elite Crasher should be avoided by the player if they do not have weapons that could counter it or when fighting it alone. Ramming it is not recommended, as it also has a high health and body damage.



  • Although the Elite Gunner variant alludes with its name to a stronger form of said tank, the former seems to relate more as a stronger Gunner Trapper, with the only difference using pillboxes instead of normal traps.
  • The Elite Crashers have 10 possible names in
    • Akilina
    • Athena
    • Alkaios
    • Artemis
    • Apollon
    • Archimedes
    • Anastasios
    • Anaxagoras
    • Aniketos
    • Amyntas
    • As you see, all of them starts with a letter "A".
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