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Not to be confused with the Sentry, which are smaller non-Boss Crasher-based Polygons that also have weapons.

An Elite Crasher is a boss found in Arras.io. As their name implies, they are larger and stronger Crashers equipped with weapons. They come in five different variations: Elite Destroyer, Elite Gunner, Elite Sprayer, Elite Spawner, and Elite Battleship. They work like sentries, but are slower and thus more stronger weapons. Touching one means instant death unless it is very low on health, due to its high body damage.


Universal Information

All variants of Elite Crasher have a larger pink triangle as their base. The Elite Crasher is a larger, stronger version of a regular Crasher except it has weapons.

Elite Destroyer

This variant has one short but very wide cannon on each side, making a total of three cannons. It also has a Triplet auto turret.

Elite Gunner

This variant has two auto-turrets on its front sides. These turrets each have two Gunner cannons. This Elite Crasher also has a large launcher that shoots out square-shaped traps with auto-turrets, known as pillboxes, similar to those used by the Engineer. There are also two short spikes that stick out on the Elite Crasher’s front, as well as another two on its backside.

Elite Sprayer

This variant has two Sprayer auto turrets on each side, for a total of six. A Machine Triple auto turret (named Snowstorm) is on its body, with the turret’s body colored the same with the Elite Crasher’s body.

Elite Battleship

This variant has nine Swarm drone spawners, three on each side. It also has 3 auto-turrets, one in each corner of its body.

Elite Spawner

This variant has one very wide Minion spawners, even wider than Elite Destroyer’s cannons, on each side. It also has a Twin-like turret on the top, which looks identical to Elite Gunner’s or Auto-4’s turrets.


Universal Information

All Elite Crashers attack nearby tanks while slowly approaching them. They also have auto-spin turned on, with the exception of the Elite Gunner, which instead directly faces its target. Elite Crashers tend to spawn within the Pentagon Nest (except in Siege).

Elite Destroyer

The Elite Destroyer’s side cannons, referred as “Devastator” cannons, fire huge bullets, much larger than the Annihilator’s bullets. These bullets do fatal damage on direct hit, but travel rather slowly. Aside from firing bullets, drones also come out from the cannons, with a maximum total of around 12 drones able to exist and orbit the Elite Destroyer. These drones have average health, and will pursue players close to them. The Elite Destroyer’s Triplet auto turret meanwhile fires fast bullets that deal low but continuous damage if hitting the target.

Elite Gunner

The Elite Gunner uses its auto turrets to mainly attack its target, firing at a decent rate and dealing continuous damage. Its pillboxes are larger than the Engineer’s, and have slightly higher health and stronger stats. The pillboxes are only launched away and behind the Elite Gunner, but may still attempt to attack the same target up to a certain distance.

Elite Sprayer

The Elite Sprayer purely uses bullets as its attack. These bullets come in large numbers, but surprisingly, each bullet has low health. They deal low but continuous damage, and can be more dangerous the closer their target is.

Elite Battleship

The Elite Battleship spawns many swarm drones with its nine swarm spawners, and these swarm drones may attack other players as well apart from the original target. These drones have low health, but can deal continuous damage when hitting tanks. Its auto turrets fire small but somewhat fast bullets that also deal low but continuous damage.

Elite Spawner

The Elite Spawner uses its spawners to create Sentry minions, which act very similar to the ones that naturally spawn, although they have farther detection range. Each spawner corresponds to one type of Sentry, each able to spawn three Sentries at once, totaling for a maximum of nine Sentries present. These Sentries do not give experience points when destroyed, nor do they have a kill notification. The Elite Crasher’s Twin auto turret meanwhile fires bullets that deal low but continuous damage if hitting the target.


  • Strong Against: Individual tanks, slow/unprepared tanks, most melee-based tanks like Smasher.

Against the Elite Crashers

  • With their high health and strong weapons, an Elite Crasher should be avoided by the player if they do not have weapons that could counter or overpower it, or if they are alone.
  • Ramming any of the Elite Crashers is not recommended, as aside from their weapons that could potentially lower the tank’s health and make the attack less effective, they also have high health and body damage.

Against the Elite Destroyer

  • Avoid staying too close to the Elite Destroyer at all costs, as the large bullets can easily kill nearly every tank in one shot. If not able to, try to stay adjacent to the corners between the cannons, as the Boss is more vulnerable on those sides.
    • Since these cannons have slow Reload and fire at the same time, the player can take advantage of these on when to approach or distance away from it.
  • Be wary of the drones it can spawn despite having no visible spawners around it. Use some crowd-control or focus fire tanks to handle against them. The Artillery can be a good choice.
  • Using a Ranger can, while requiring patience, slowly defeat the Elite Destroyer without getting close to expose itself from its drones and auto turret. This process may take more time, though, especially if the Boss is attacking another tank, as its Devastator bullets serve as some form of shield for it.

Against the Elite Gunner

  • The player should be careful if they attempt to orbit the Elite Gunner, as they might end up running to its pillboxes.
    • Additionally, when attempting to sneak up against the Elite Gunner while another tank is being targeted, the pillboxes can still attack other tanks including the player. It is recommended to not stay directly behind the Elite Gunner.
  • Since the auto turrets will be the Elite Gunner’s main weapons to use against its target, using high penetration tanks, or those with fast reload and high FoV like Streamliner can be useful to take it down.
  • The best way to defeat the Elite Gunner is to approach it from the sides, as it has no defense on the sides, and use a Sprayer or a similar tank, chipping away its health. Although this works normally, this is not affective when other Bosses, such as the Celestials, are attacking the same Sanctuary.
  • In siege, it is the easiest boss due to it’s nature of not revolving around sanctuaries but rather staying still, as well as the only offense turrets being focused on the target sanctuary. It is advised to stay to it’s sides, as the front is shooting bullets and the back is shooting pillboxes, which can still do melee damage.

Against the Elite Sprayer

  • Most Destroyer branch classes work surprisingly well against the Elite Sprayer, due to the Boss’s low penetration. The player should try to aim the shots away from the turrets, so direct hits deal more damage.
  • Any high DPS tanks, especially those with focused firing, should be effective against the Elite Sprayer.
  • Despite the low bullet penetration, the Cruiser’s swarm drones aren’t still capable to outpower the Elite Sprayer, so it should be avoided. The Single and Sniper branch classes also have this weakness.

Against the Elite Battleship

  • Crowd-control tanks are effective in fending of the Elite Battleship’s drones. Both Octo Tank and Cyclone work great, but the player should be wary of the auto turrets.
  • Focus firing tanks, on the other hand, can deal more direct damage to the Elite Battleship, but would require more ambush and retreat tactics, as the drones can slowly chip away health.

Against the Elite Spawner

  • The Elite Spawner itself lacks defensive measures aside from its Twin auto turret, but its Sentry minions can easily finish players if they do not focus against them. Crowd control tanks are useful to take down both the Elite Spawner and its minions.
  • Another of the Elite Spawner’s weakness is by attacking it from a distance, especially when it is distracted by other players. Assassin branch classes can work if with patience.


  • Although the Elite Gunner variant alludes with its name to a stronger form of said tank, the former seems to relate more as a stronger Gunner Trapper, with the only difference using pillboxes instead of normal traps.
  • The Elite Battleship was an idea suggested by Reflection.
  • The Elite Gunner used to have similar behaviors with other Elite Crashers and with other Bosses as well, being able to use Auto-Spin. Notably, its pillboxes were also aimed directly towards its target, travelling at a fairly low speed. An update that reworked the Boss into its current behaviors was released on May 17th, 2021, removing these traits.
  • The Elite Sprayer is currently the only Boss to have been completely reworked including its appearance. It used to only have three large Sprayer auto turrets as its only weapons, yet still having low Bullet Penetration. The June 4th, 2021 update eventually changed this into the current design.
  • If an Elite Gunner spawns without an immediate target, it will idle towards the right. This may actually apply to all bosses, however they have auto-spin on, so it’s hard to tell.


The Elite Crashers have a total of 10 possible names in Arras.io, all starting with letter “A”. They are:

  • Akilina
  • Alkaios
  • Amyntas
  • Anastasios
  • Anaxagoras
  • Aniketos
  • Apollon
  • Archimedes
  • Artemis
  • Athena
    • All 10 names are also shown to be banes of important mythological and scientific characters as well.
      • Akilina in Latin and Russian Baby Names Meaning of the name 'Akilina' is In Latin: 'Eaglelike' and in Russian: 'Eagle'
      • Athena in Greek Mythology is the Olympian goddess of wisdom and war and the adored patroness of the city of Athens.
      • Alkaios in Greek mythology was the name of a number of different people.
      • Artemis in Greek religion, the goddess of wild animals, the hunt, and vegetation and of chastity and childbirth.
      • Apollon in Greek Mythology was the Olympian god of prophecy and oracles, music, song and poetry, archery, healing, plague and disease, and the protection of the young.
      • Archimedes of Syracuse was a Greek mathematician, physicist, engineer, astronomer, and inventor.
      • Anastasios, often called 'Anastasios II or Anastasius II' was the Byzantine emperor from 713 to 715.
      • Anaxagoras was a Pre-Socratic Greek philosopher. Born in Clazomenae at a time when Asia Minor was under the control of the Persian Empire, Anaxagoras came to Athens.
      • Aniketos was a king who ruled in the area of Gandhara and Pushkalavati in modern northern Pakistan and Afghanistan.
      • Amyntas is the name of several prominent Greek and Hellenistic men. It later became a stock name for lovelorn shepherds in 16th-century pastoral literature. The name is derived from Greek "amyntor" meaning "defender."
      • (Sources: Google and Wikipedia.)


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