The Elite Skimmer is a boss in It has 3 auto Deployers that shoot Hyper Missiles. It appears as an orange dot on the map.


The Elite Skimmer features an orange triangle with 3 auto Deployers that shoot missiles. Each missile is the size of a Destroyer bullet, but with 4 small cannons on the side in back, positioned like a Fighter's back cannons. These are called Hyper Missiles. Each Hyper Missile does massive damage, easily killing, if not crippling, any tank.


  • To kill this boss, it is advisable to use a focused fire tank like Triplet. Dodge the Hyper Missiles, and keep chipping away at it's health.
  • However, the best tank to kill this boss is probably Overgunner, as maxing out bullet speed, penetration, damage, and reload will make it so your drones can block Hyper Missiles and defend you from other players while your gunner cannons can chip away at it's health.


  • It was first sighted on June 2nd, 2018
  • It can sometimes spawn together with a Rogue Palisade and a Summoner.
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