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The Engineer is one of the Arras.io Tier 4 Tanks that upgrades from the Builder at Level 45 and does not upgrade further. It shoots squarish traps with auto-turrets center-mounted on them, called pillboxes. Its upgrade key is I.


The Engineer has a circular body with a launcher mounted on its front. The launcher is slightly larger than that of the Builder and appears bisected in a similar way to that of the Factory.


The Engineer shoots traps mounted with auto-turrets, called pillboxes. Up to six pillboxes can exist at a time; placing any more pillbox will cause the oldest pillbox to be destroyed.


  • Strong Against: Slow tanks, unaware-tanks, rammers, occasionally bullet spammers, other Trapper branches.
  • Weak Against: High FoV tanks like Rangers, drone tanks, fast tanks, and bullet spammers depending on skill and scenario.

As the Engineer

  • The Engineer tends to be an effective support class in team-based modes, placing its pillboxes to block enemy bullets like other Builder branches, but with the added bonus of its auto-turrets.
    • The auto-turrets’ bullets tend to have poor penetration and health, thus not making them viable for PvP or team-oriented fights unlike the pillbox itself.
  • Like with all other tanks in the Builder branch, the Engineer can control the distance of their attacks, which will always reach slightly past the location of the cursor. This can allow the player to pull off some clever tactics, such as making their own personal shield by placing pillboxes right by them, reaching for runaway targets, playing defense from a long distance, or the strategy explained below...
  • A clever strategy is to place pillboxes by an opponent’s side or back, as then they would either be distracted by the auto-turrets’ bullets or slowly killed by them should they ignore the damage they take. This can work well in team-oriented fights, where pillboxes can be placed in a position to flank the enemy team, slowly weakening or even killing off some of them, possibly enough to increase the power of the Engineer’s team.
    • This concludes that while the auto-turrets’ bullet damage is not very high, it is okay enough to make enemies worry about it, especially if they are using a build that either doesn't factor much HP upgrades or is completely glass.
    • The pillboxes can be used similarly to Constructor traps, in which they can provide a strong, hard-to-penetrate wall to protect the Engineer or teammates due to its strong penetration, health, and size.
  • Although there are definitely better options for PvP fights, the Engineer can fare quite well in them as well. Using the distraction-strategy of auto-turrets can work, but another effective way to fight in a PvP is to take advantage of the fast traveling speed of the pillboxes. They are harder to dodge than the stronger, but slower Destroyer-class bullets, and can even be effective for ambushing enemies on the vertical ends of the screen. The pillboxes, for they are a type of trap, have limited range, however, so an Engineer may need to get closer to deal damage in an ambush or PvP fight. This must be done with caution, as the Engineer cannot protect itself in close-quarters as well as Destroyer-classes can, thus, it is more susceptible to being quickly killed by an opponent if the timing and positioning is poor.
    • Unlike Destroyer-class bullets, Engineer pillboxes aren’t as likely to kill a full-health enemy, and require better control of how much a pillbox touches an enemy. Destroyer-classes thus remain superior in ambushing not only for the aforementioned reason, but also due to its strong recoil, unlike the Engineer.
  • Sometimes, pillboxes would not stop firing at polygons or targets behind walls. Pressing the R-key twice may reset their targets.
  • Drone-classes should generally be avoided, because while Engineers can deal extraordinary damage, it isn’t like a Destroyer-class bullet that can plunge through drones easily. The lack of recoil makes the Engineer even more vulnerable, as then the drone tank can even kill the Engineer by simply sending in its drones. However, an Engineer can try to bait a drone tank into sending in its drones, then maneuver around them while hitting the enemy with their pillboxes (the auto-turrets could be good finishers if the pillbox damage leaves the enemy with a silver bit of health left). The Engineer must have good aim and be close enough to ensure its pillboxes would hit, as the drone tank may eventually lock its drones onto the Engineer and kill it.
  • The Engineer can take on other classes in their branch, as well as other Trapper branches, with ease, as it shoots traps that are sometimes stronger than their opponents traps, and they have an extra auto-turret each. The auto-turrets shoot small and fairly fast bullets that can seep through openings between gaps in the opponent's placed traps, and strike him/her.
  • Rammers should not be a problem, as the pillboxes pack a strong punch that can easily kill them in only a few hits. However, rammers can easily escape with their fast movement speed, making it hard for the Engineer to kill for EXP due to its lack of recoil and inferior movement speed.
  • In most cases, pillboxes are going to be destroyed by firing the seventh pillbox rather than because of time-out. As such, one may consider investing less upgrade points to reload.
  • Spreading pillboxes around maze corners can deter enemies and attack them from multiple directions. This works especially well in Assault, where flanking the opposing team around maze corners could allow an offensive push for the blue team, or a boost in defense for the green team.

Against the Engineer

  • Tanks with a high FoV are effective picks, as attacking from a long distance will allow the player to take less damage from the pillbox turrets, or even better, get them to completely ignore the player due to being out of their FoV. Sniper-classes, preferably the Assassin branch Ranger or Stalker, work very well for this. The Streamliner is also a great option if the player wishes to use a bullet spammer at the same time.
  • Drone tanks, unlike with Destroyer-classes, have a fairly easy time against Engineers. The lack of recoil and inferior power of the pillboxes in comparison with Destroyer-class bullets can usually allow a drone tank to simply charge their drones in and easily kill the Engineer. Ambushing may also work, as if the player were to be using a Destroyer branch tank.
    • The Overseer branch is effective at pulling off an ambush or simply sending in the drones once the Engineer is in sight due to the previously mentioned downsides with the tank. Sometimes, an Engineer, especially if it has points in movement speed, may be able to kite the drones while taking them out with their pillboxes; if this is the case, then the player should repel their drones towards the Engineer's location, then sandwich it.
    • The Underseer branch has a large number of drones that can overwhelm an Engineer with sheer ease. However, a player mustn’t attack with only a few drones, as their significantly inferior strength when compared to that of an Overseer can allow the Engineer to destroy them easily, leaving the player vulnerable.
    • The Factory can use its minions’ powerful hull and firepower to easily overwhelm the Engineer due to its slow RoF. Swarming the Engineer works too, as the tank can only attack in one direction.
  • Bullet spammers fare quite well against the Engineer in a PvP situation, as the fast RoF can overwhelm the Engineer due to its slow RoF, not allowing it to block the bullets at a constant rate. However, the player must be aware that fighting an Engineer has some differences when compared to fighting Destroyer branch tanks; most importantly the bullet speed, which the player must take note of and concentrate enough on dodging them to avoid receiving a heavy amount of damage or instant death.
  • Rammers should generally avoid Engineers, as their powerful pillboxes would easily cripple or kill a rammer before they get close enough. However, a somewhat tricky, but clever strategy would be to time the delay between every pillbox launched. Doing this can allow the rammer to get close enough for the kill before the Engineer fires their next pillbox. This strategy is particularly useful in game modes with maze walls to limit the distance between the player and Engineer. Despite this, Engineers for the most part, as said, should be left alone.
  • Gunner-classes like the Streamliner, Nailgun, or Gunner Trapper can try to seep their tiny bullets through the gaps of a wall of pillboxes the Engineer may set up.
  • Destroyer-classes like the Hybrid and Annihilator have superior strength in their bullets, and thus can easily out-penetrate an Engineer. However, they are not good at directly fighting it in a PvP, as an Engineer can simply keep dodging their slow bullets and possibly kill them with their faster-traveling pillboxes or flank them with the auto-turrets. Instead, the player should use the large and strong bullets against an Engineer’s pillboxes as a supportive play for teammates in game modes like Assault. That way, enemy defense can be easier to overpower.
  • For a player to ensure an Engineer doesn’t try to flank them from all directions with the pillboxes, they should try to back away as the Engineer attacks. That way, they can’t completely swarm the player, putting them at risk of being killed by the constant flanking of the pillboxes. If the player does get surrounded, then they must try to escape through a large gap between the pillboxes, although this move could allow an Engineer to have an easier time landing a pillbox for great damage or even an instant kill…