The Engineer is one of the Tier 4 Tanks that upgrades from the Builder at Level 45 and does not upgrade further. It shoots squarish traps with Auto Turrets center-mounted on them, called Pillboxes. Its upgrade key is I.


The Engineer has a circular body with a Launcher mounted on its front. The Launcher is slightly larger than that of the Builder and appears bisected in a similar way to that of the Factory.


The Engineer shoots Blocks mounted with Auto Turrets, called Pillboxes. Up to 6 Pillboxes can exist at a time; placing another Pillbox will cause the oldest Pillbox to be destroyed.


  • Strong Against: Slow Tanks, rammers, Bullet spammers, other Trapper branches.
  • Weak Against: Wide FoV Tanks like Rangers, Drone classes, fast Tanks.

As the Engineer

  • You need to avoid being snuck up by high FoV tanks like the Ranger.
  • The Engineer can be used as a support class in team-based modes, placing its Pillboxes to block enemy bullets like the Builder, but with the added bonus of its Auto Turrets.
  • Sometimes Pillboxes would not stop firing at polygons. Press R twice may reset their targets.
  • The placement of Pillboxes should depend on your opponent. Against the destroyer branch, you should place them around the enemy tank so they cannot destroy several Pillboxes by one shot. Against the sniper branch, protect yourself with a barrier of Pillboxes. Against charging enemies like rammers, hit them directly with your powerful Blocks, auto turrets are too slow for that.
  • Spreading Pillboxes around maze corners can deter your enemies and attack them from multiple directions.
  • The Engineer can kill other Trapper branches easily, as it shoots Blocks that is stronger than the normal Traps, and they have an extra Auto Turret each.

Against the Engineer

  • Tanks with wide FoV like Rangers are very effective to this Tank, as attacking from the distant place won't be attacked by the Pillboxes' Auto Turrets.
    • Drone classes work for this Tank for the same reason.
  • Use fast Tanks like Boosters, as they can flee from it quickly.



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