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Errors happen either when the players fails to join or disconnect. Errors have a red background when they fail to join or been captured from multiboxing, while the gameplay error gives them transparent red.

Types of Errors

  • Server is under updates
  • Laggy computer
  • Source code error (For private servers)
  • Invalid link
  • Invalid beta token
  • The special gamemode has closed down. (Not confirmed, but very likely to be true)
  • Stayed in the death screen for too long
  • Bad or no internet connection
  • Gamemode is permanantly deleted (Unconfirmed)
  • Banned from the game (If the player is caught multiboxing)
  • Mockups have failed to load
  • Packets
  • Player has failed to spawn for whatever reason
  • Arena has closed
  • Socket error


When player got banned from the game