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The Factory is one of the current Arras.io Tier 4 Tanks that may upgrade from the Spawner. It may no longer upgrade as it is the end of its upgrade line. The upgrade key for this tank is Y.


The Factory has a circular base with what seems to be a Launcher but with a rectangle overlapping it. It therefore looks like a bisected Cannon.


Upon upgrading to the Factory, it will be able to spawn a total of 6 Minions, which resemble small Arena Closers. They shoot small Bullets like the Tank and provide massive firepower when together. They function similarly to Overseer drones, but with more complex behavior.


  • Strong Against: most tanks in a 1v1 situation (if skilled) due to the massive DPS.
  • Weak Against: groups of tanks, most tanks if inexperienced, surprise rammers when unprepared. Engineers if skilled, fast tanks.

As the Factory

  • Players should always have their Drones nearby.
  • Skill is nessecary, otherwise you will die quickly. Practice a few times.
  • When not attacking, try to avoid shooting while packing them up in a tight group. This will hide the player's location.
  • When engaging in combat, the player should move their Drones in front of the Factory itself. This will not only create massive firepower, but also protect the player from any head-on attacks.
  • Careless or unprepared tanks will easily fall under the firepower of the Factory, including max health rammers.
  • The player should get their movement speed up one or two to get away from rammers. If having trouble with one specific rammer the player should build the same things as the rammer and because the factory's six times one is greater than the boosters one times four or the smashers zero times zero you should win.
  • When fighting an Underseer branch you should target the drones first as without them it is hard to get them back so they should be easy to kill.

Against the Factory

  • As a tank with large FoV like the Sniper branch, attack only when the Factory is distracted or have their Drones far away enough.
  • Use a factory!
  • As rammers, do not collide with more than one Drone, as they not only have massive firepower, but noticeable body damage as well. It is best to simply ignore the Factory unless very fast such as booster.
  • As an Overseer, players should guide their Drones to the tank itself, not the Drones.
  • As an fast tank with high DPS or RoF, make the factory attack you, then zoom through the gaps in their drones, and kill the factory. Otherwise, wear their drones down at a safe distance.