The Falcon is one of the Tier 4 Tanks in that branches off Tri-Angle. It’s upgrade key is U and I.


The Falcon has 3 back Cannons that overlap each other. There is also a front Cannon which is like the Assassin Cannon.


The Falcon has 2 ways of shooting. If the player left clicks, then the Falcon will only shoot using the back Barrels. If the player right clicks, the front Barrel will shoot. If the player presses E, which does Auto Fire, only the Falcon’s back Barrels will shoot.


  • Strong Against: Low DPS Tanks, Destroyers when used vigilantly, occasionally unfocused spammers like the Spreadshot, Gunners, Trappers, and rammers or Drone tanks if used properly.
  • Weak Against: Most other Tri-Angle classes (either rammer or bullet build), focused Bullet spammers, Drone tanks or rammers if unskilled and potentially other Snipers.

As the Falcon

  • The Falcon should not be played much like a Booster, but instead an Assassin with fast speed. Unlike other snipers, the Falcon's back cannons make up to its normally slow speed like other snipers. Which means it will now have a better chance against tanks that would normally beat it easily.
  • If a player faces a rammer, they should try to use their FOV to snipe the rammer, the great bullet damage will help the player land some high-damage hits on the rammer. When the rammer predicts your position, use the back cannons to run away. Repeat the process until the rammer is dead. This strategy works effectively well against slower rammers like the Spike, but the fastest ones such as Boosters should be avoided.
  • Penta Shots and Spreadshots should be confronted with excellent accuracy and be at a decent range. Getting too close or far will result the player into either leaving the Penta Shot or Spreadshot able to defend itself or the player into potentially getting hit. At a decent range, however, the bullets will be able to penetrate through the cascade of bullets and hit the enemy. This can also work well against Gunners.
  • Although drone tanks would usually have an advantage over any sniper class, the Falcon can use the recoil from the back cannons as an advantage to escape very easily. Either for boosting away from drones that chase the Falcon, or slip away from drone sandwiches that are caused by repelling. The high FOV will help the player spot the drone tank and will show that the player may have to escape. Otherwise, players can perform anti-drone tactics (circling them is the best option, it depends on how the drones are controlled) and aim at the drone tank to land some devastating hits on them. Necromancers, due to their high amount of drones, should mean that they must be avoided.
  • Attacking Trappers should be done by blasting shots towards the spacing between the Traps in order to hit the enemy Trapper. Fighting Barricades should be done responsibly, as their Traps can reach a far distance, unlike other Trappers. A similar strategy applies with Destroyers, but with more caution, players should dodge the huge bullets and use their high FOV to prevent getting ambushed.
  • Falcons have more HP than the baseline amount, so one could use a ram Falcon build and troll a lot of non-smasher rammers. However, be extremely wary when you are lower on health as Boosters can easily catch up to you and kill you at this state.

Against the Falcon

  • When a player encounters a Falcon, they must make sure they are aware of the fact that they are unusually fast for a Sniper. So they must use different classes against the Falcon.
  • Although drone tanks will have a harder time against it, due to the increased speed from the Falcon's back cannons. Tanks like Overseers may struggle against it, however, a Necromancer, if they have a whole lot of drones can easily kill a Falcon if they manage to sandwich or claw it. The Necromancer must be aware that Falcons have a high FOV and will run away if they have a feeling that the player may kill them (which means you can't really ambush them). So a great strategy would be to attack them if they are distracted.
  • Spread-fire tanks like Penta Shots can protect themselves and kill a Falcon easily if at a certain distance from the Falcon. Focused fire spammers would probably be more effective and can block bullets more easily.
  • Rammers can take on Falcons pretty easily, however, due to the fact Falcons are snipers with improved speed, using a Spike, which is a slow rammer is not recommended. This is because Falcons will use their boosted speed as an advantage to avoid a Spike user's attacks and potentially kill them. Instead, players should use a ram, semi-ram or glass Cannon Booster or Fighter against them. This is because players will now have much better speed and will be able to catch up with the Falcon, and hopefully kill it.
  • Other Snipers, preferably the Ranger can work fairly well against the Falcon. However, players must be aware that they have better speed compared to a normal sniper due to their rear Cannons. In that case, the Predator would be suitable against it at far and close range.
  • Falcons have more HP than the baseline amount, so some people will attempt to use ram Falcons. Destroyer classes or bullet spammers work best against such rammers.


  • The Falcon is the one of only 2 Tri-Angle branch that requires the player to use both left and right click, itself and the Eagle.
    • They are also the only tanks named after birds.


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