The Fighter is one of the Tier 4 Tanks in that upgrades from Tri-Angle. It has no further upgrade. Its upgrade key is Y.


The Fighter has the same design as the Fighter; it has five Cannons, and the angles between each Cannon clockwise from the front cannon are: 90°, 60°, 60°, 60°, 90°.


The Fighter has high recoil to boost it forwards, like it's predecessor, the Tri-Angle. The strongest Bullets are fired from the front cannon, doing the same amount of damage as a Basic's bullets. It's back bullets, however, are one of the weakest bullets and they can only be used for recoil most of the time.


  • Strong Against: All distracted tanks, Smasher branch, Sniper Branches, Drone classes, slow tanks and low DPS tanks.
  • Weak Against: Tanks with good Bullet Penetration, high DPS (Damage Per Second) tanks, other fast tanks like the Booster, bullet spammers with focused fire.

As the Fighter

The Fighter is simply a basic tank with side Cannons and forward recoil. All Fighter builds fall into one of the three categories: Glass Cannon, semi-ram and rammer, which all have different strengths and weaknesses. The rammer is weak against bullet spammers like the Dual and the Glass Cannon is weak against the Destroyer branch.

  • However, another strategy involves holding the downwards key and pressing E. This will reverse the Strong and Weak against, allowing the Fighter to kill many more Tanks and hold it's ground against Triplets and Sprayers. If the player is skilled enough and has the correct build, they can also kill Trapper branches and Destroyers.
    • However, this is a very risky strategy, as it involves the player reacting quickly. Normally, it is better to avoid the situation and run away instead.
  • The Fighter's front cannon is as strong as the Basic Tank's cannons, which has the sixth highest damage in the game. Therefore, a player with the right build can actually finish off Overseer and Underseer branches, and it helps that in, they are normally common tanks.
  • The Fighter can aggressively chase down many Body Damage tanks like the Smasher, but the Fighter should shoot at it with the side cannons. If the Fighter uses the front cannon, the enemy can ram the Fighter, killing it.
  • A skilled Fighter can kill a Penta Shot if the Fighter is skilled enough. However, the Penta Shot's bullets can out-penetrate the Fighter's bullets, therefore the Fighter should escape if it takes too much damage.
    • However, a player can dodge the bullets, and, if they are using a ram or semi-ram build, they can ram the Penta Shot.
    • It also works with the Spreadshot and Octo Tank.
      • However, this should only be attempted by skilled players.
      • As well as that, the Fighter should be aware of it's surroundings, as ramming the Penta shot will leave them low on health.
  • Fighters can dodge the Sniper's bullets, and then kill it with it's own powerful front Cannon.
  • When fighting against a body damage tank, try using a hit-and-run strategy, inflicting huge damage. Try circling it so your side cannons can hit it.
    • In fact, a hit-and-run strategy will work almost every time with the Fighter. In some cases, this can actually take down almost every tank in the game.

Against the Fighter

The Fighter can be taken down by a variety of tanks despite it's fast Movement speed.

  • The player can easily kill a Fighter using a focused fire tank with high DPS like the Dual.
  • Destroyers can make light work of the Fighter as one hit can kill a Fighter with any build.
  • If the Fighter is unskilled, almost any tank can kill it, including the Auto-Smasher.
  • If played right, an Overlord can kill a Fighter by using the "Claw". The claw can be achieved by right-clicking, which will repel the Drones from the tank.
    • This can also be done with the Necromancer or Underseer, as well as other Drone users.
    • The Overlord and other drone classes should also be aware that skilled Fighters can dodge the Drones, leaving the enemy defenseless.


  • The Fighter is, like some tanks, borrowed from and is in today.
    • The Fighter also retains the same design and stats, unlike some tanks.


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