The Flank Guard is one of the current Tier 2 Tanks in that may upgrade from the Basic. The Flank Guard may further upgrade into the Hexa Tank, the Tri-Angle, the Auto-3, the Trap Guard, or the Tri-Trapper at level 25. The upgrade key for it is H.


The Flank Guard has a circular base like most Tanks. It has three Cannons of equal length equally spaced apart from each other.


The Flank Guard adds two Cannons for a total of three Cannons all equally spaced apart from each other. They all have the same stats with no buffs or debuffs. Additionally, the Flank Guard's Cannons all fire at the same time, disabling each cannons' recoil.


  • Strong Against: Multiple enemies, Tanks of your level or below, Sniper branch classes except for few ones
  • Weak Against: Rammers, Predators, tanks with focused firepower, drone classes, fast tanks

As the Flank Guard

  • Players should use their multiple cannons to their advantage, firing at multiple enemies at once or attacking one enemy while farming Polygons with the others.
  • Flank Guards should use their three set-apart Cannons to farm and quickly level up.
  • The Flank Guard plays essentially like a Basic with three Cannons.

Against the Flank Guard

  • Countering a Flank Guard is much like countering a Basic that cannot be flanked.
  • Don't get a crowd of low-level Tanks to attack the Flank Guard, since it can take on multiple with its three Cannons.
  • Rammers are more effective against the flank guard than the Basic because it doesn't have the recoil to run faster. Still, be careful, Flank Guard's bullets are just as powerful as the Basic's.



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