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This page describes current and previous game modes on Arras.io.

Base Game Modes

The base game mode of a game room defines its game objective, mechanisms, and, sometimes, game map. It forms the basis which combination game modes modify.

FFA (Free For All)

In FFA the player is blue and everyone else is red.

Players are free to attack all other players in FFA. There is no victory condition; one simply battles for battle's sake although many players look to their scores and ranking on the leaderboard. Scores are collected via destroying Polygons, Bosses, and other tanks.

FFA can combine with Maze.

There are regulations on teaming, witch-hunting, multiboxing etc. shown on the loading screen that should be observed so as to ensure fair-play.

TDM (Team Deathmatch)

TDM is another battle mode with no set objective. In TDM, however, players are divided into teams. Players on the same team share the team colour. Moreover, friendly fire is disabled and collisions between teammates do no body damage.

TDM can combine with Maze and Open, and also have 2 to 4 teams.


Two Green tanks capturing a Blue Dominator in 2 Team Maze Domination.

In Domination players are divided into teams. The teams must compete for the possession (by attacking them) of the Dominators on the map to claim victory. In 2 Team Domination, all of the five Dominators are required; in 3 Team Domination, four of the five; and in 4 Team Domination, only three of the five.

Domination can combine with Maze and Open.


Main article: Arras:Mothership (Game Mode)

A Mothership, several times larger in diameter than normal tanks.

In the Mothership mode teams of players seek to destroy the Motherships tank of the other teams before theirs get destroyed. The Mothership is a large and powerful player-controlled Drone tank that may protect its teammates at the beginning but requires protection later as enemy tanks level up.

Mothership is always combined with Open. 2 Team Mothership can also combine with Maze. This Maze is unique for it featuring two long corridors winding symmetrically to a central rectangular area (the Nest) instead of the randomly generated map in FFA or TDM.

The Mothership 2.0, Mothershipception & Sun King(From Woomy), are also in the future of the Arras.io.


Main article: Arras:Assault

Similar to Domination, teams of players compete for Dominators (in this case a special species called Sanctuaries) on the map in Assault, but the situation is asymmetric: Green, the defenders, possesses the Sanctuaries initially and seeks to protect them for 8 minutes; Blue, the attackers, to destroy before that time runs out.

Assault always has Maze. The Assault maze, however, is generated differently than other modes. It is always somewhat trapezoidal. Visit the main article for images and descriptions.


Main article: Arras:Siege

Siege map

In Siege all players join the same team. They have to defeat 31 waves of incoming Bosses to achieve victory. On the other hand, they lose if all their all Sanctuaries are destroyed without any being repaired for a continual 60 seconds. Difficulty increases with each wave, with the penultimate wave having nearly every single boss at once, and the last wave featuring the final Boss of that game mode.

The Siege map is the same for each game, with a nearly square play area in which players are to fight the Bosses as they enter from their Red Bases in the four cardinal directions .

This mode also features the Healer tank.


Main article: Arras:Soccer

In Soccer (also known as Football), players have to move the ball to where the enemy team spawns. And when they do, they will get a point. The team must get atleast 10 points to win the game.


Main article: Arras:Sandbox

A mode that plays similar to FFA without Obstacles, but players can have operator access. Operator access allows to use a wide range of different commands, including stronger stats, invincibility, pushing or pulling entities, and more. Players can join existing Sandbox servers by entering that server's link. A player will acquire operator access if they first joined a new Sandbox server, or have been given access by another player having it. The map size starts out quite small, but dynamically resizes itself if more players join.

This mode features the Undercover Cop, a Booster-like tank with powerful default stats and aesthetic police lights. It can be used with a certain operator command.

Combination Game Modes

Combination Game Modes combine with Base Game Modes, tweaking the map and sometimes the game mechanics slightly.


Blocks of walls in Assault.. The top Wall is 2x2.

Maze modes have Mazes, the map features after which it is named. A Maze in its most general sense may refer to any structure made of blocks of Walls. In a narrower sense it refers to only the randomly generated structures of such composition. Maze Walls block tank and Polygon movements and destroy Ammunitions (Crashers may be considered a kind of ammunition in this sense). They may be 1x1 or 2x2.

FFA, TDM, and Domination Mazes share some common features: The perimeter of the game map is always Wall-free and that there is always a rectangular 'Nest', an wall-free area where Crashers, Alpha Pentagons, Bosses etc. regularly spawn, at the centre, connected by a few passage to other parts of the Maze. Nevertheless, TDM and Domination Mazes are symmetric but FFA Mazes are not.

Non-Maze FFA and TDM but not Domination have Obstacles. Unlike Walls, Obstacles are round and they rebound Ammunitions instead of destroying them.


Open refers to the removal of team Bases. Bases are rectangular spawn areas for a team. They destroy enemy team (but not Boss) Ammunitions and tanks to protect players from spawn-killing. In Open modes, players are spawned at random locations instead, though often close to their teammates.

Open can combine with TDM and Domination. Mothership is always implicitly Open.


A portal. Notice how the Sprayer bullets are being destroyed.

Portal modes are named after the map feature Portal, which are a dark area on the map that can teleport a player tank to another Portal at random. Tanks in a Portal are subjected to a 'gravity' that draws them towards the center, where teleportation is triggered and the player forcefully ejected on the other side. The gravity increases with proximity from the center such that even a booster cannot escape from its pull close to the center. Newly teleported tanks are granted five seconds of invulnerability like that of a new-spawn tank. Portals also destroy Ammunitions (they teleport them in earlier versions).

Currently it may combine with TDM and Mothership (non-Maze only). Non-Maze Portal maps usually comprise of two separate areas which can only be crossed through a pair of Portals. Maze Portal maps in contrast usually consist of a single area, the several Portals on which provide a quick but not mandatory means of travel.

Event Game Modes

Event game modes differ from normal game modes, as they are usually only available for a limited time (usually depending on the event being celebrated). Some may be officially promoted as normal game modes, like Siege, or can be played much longer.


Almost identical to Tag in Diep.io, this mode features the "tag" mechanics by which players are respawned on the team that had them killed, and the game ends when all surviving players are on the same team. This means every player, except the last one killed, always wins. Often a game tilts and topples quickly towards the stronger team (with skilled players or more active players) under five minutes.

This game mode was introduced on September 6th, 2020 and removed on November 13th the same year. It was later re-added some time. This game mode supports both Maze and no-Maze. The map of Maze Tag was a generated small maze without bases. It spawns Crashers (in the central "nest") and Bosses. Non-Maze Tag maps start out large, but eventually gets smaller until reaching a certain size.


Pandemic in action.

The Pandemic mode is a two-team Tag mode with a twist: only the Green team tags (termed "infect" in the game); the Blue does not. To balance the game mode, Blue starts with more players. As the game proceeds, Blue players are slowly but surely converted to Green, until Green eventually wins.

The mode was added on November 13th, 2020, replacing the Tag mode for few days before co-existing with each other. This game mode is usually combined with Maze.


In Squads mode, players battle each other in teams of four. It is an FFA with legitimate teaming, in a way of speaking, with those allied to the player having the same color with them. Players can create a private team by pressing "F". Doing so incorporates a "party link" in their current URL which can be shared to and browsed by friends who wish to join the team. Players without a private team are teamed up randomly.

Squad was introduced on December 20, 2020, supporting both Maze and no-Maze.


A variation of Squads, Duos have players battle in teams of two. All other mechanics from Squads apply, including support for Maze and no-Maze arenas.

Spooky Mansion

A gamemode like Maze FFA, however, your view is limited, and there are also the D-Day doors in the maze, which is shaped like a house kind of, hence the name: "Spooky Mansion".

Removed Game Modes

The subject of this article is no longer in Arras.io! Please keep note while reading that this feature is archived and cannot be done/played/seen in Arras.io anymore.

These game modes used to be playable in old versions of Arras.io, but have been since removed.


Main article: Arras:D-Day
Door Buttons.png
Door buttons open.png

The predecessor of Assault. D-Day was a mode where players were part of either the dominant number of tanks in blue team, or the defending red team, with the former having more chance of being part of when joining a server. Similar to Assault, Blue team must navigate around the Red team's base found on southeast of arena and destroy the Dominators including the main central base Dominator, while the Red team must protect at least 4 Dominators from being destroyed for 10 minutes. Unlike Assault, there were maze doors that have a button that opens and closes a door temporarily until next touch and a red button that will open and keep the door open and the switch will disappear, until the appropriate damage hit on the red button closes and keeps the door close and the switch will appear. The red button can also kill player, while the switch cannot.

Space 3TDM

Main article: Arras:3 Team Space

An event game mode meant as a remembrance to Freedom 7 as well as a celebration for the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11, Space 3TDM was a game mode where players were grouped into 3 teams without Bases. Many differences included that, as with the latest version, the arena was circular as opposed to rectangular/cubic, a large circular obstacle said to be the "moon" was in the middle that pulls players towards it, and a rocket thruster-like turret named RCS, was added onto the players' tanks, greatly affecting the movement of tanks and helped players to stop.

There were 2 versions of Space 3TDM. The first one had no RCS, but rather a supersized map and very high movement speed applied to all players. The latest version included bouncing off polygons and uncontrolled movement. Space 3TDM was last accessible around March 10th, 2020, due to its dedicated server being down. It is unknown if it will return or be re-added, as it wasn't part of other event game modes that returned on June 23rd, 2020 update and eventually stayed on mainline game modes, with servers occasionally changing game modes whenever the arena closes.

In October 2021 There was server named Private (Deleted) when you join you will have rcs like in space mode and the map is like ffa and in the center Of map there was a black Bouncy ball.