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Normal Game Modes

FFA (Free For All)

A mode without any established teams; the player may attack all other tanks and the sole objective is to advance on the leaderboard via destroying Polygons and opposing tanks for XP without being destroyed themselves. The player appears as blue, while all opponents are red. Usually, its arena contains some Obstacles.


A mode where players are grouped into teams to fight other teams, usually 2–4 teams. The Bases are at the side or corner or the arena, depending on number of teams.


A mode where 2-4 teams are tasked to capture the majority of Dominators in the map, usually at least 3 must be captured to win the game. The Bases are at the corners.


A mode where 2 teams fight to defend their Mothership and destroy enemies', generally needs team-working to win the fight. Usually it is "Open", meaning there are no bases.

D-Day (Assault)

Main article: Arras:Assault
Door Buttons
Minimap d day
Door buttons open

A mode where players are part of either the dominant number of tanks in blue team, or the defending red team, with the former having more chance of being part of when joining a server. Blue team must navigate around the Red team's base found on southeast of arena and destroy the Dominators including the main central base Dominator, while the Red team must protect at least 4 Dominators from being destroyed for 10 minutes. There are maze doors that have a button that opens and closes a door temporarily until next touch and a red button that will open and keep the door open and the switch will disappear, until the appropriate damage hit on the red button closes and keeps the door close and the switch will appear. The red button can also kill player, while the switch cannot.

Combination Gamemodes

Some of game modes combine with other game modes, modifying the arena.


A mode that has Maze Walls, which blocks Tanks from passing and destroy Ammunitions. Usually combines with FFA, but can sometimes combine with TDM, Domination, or Mothership.


A mode which has no team Bases, making players spawn in random locations. Combines with team modes, like TDM, Domination or Mothership.


A mode that have 2 dimensions, connected with black Portals. The Portals move any Tanks or Ammunitions to the center with weak "gravity", when they reach to the center, they spawn at center of the Portal in the different dimensions, then they are shooted out. Combines with any gamemode.

Event Game Modes

Event game modes differ from normal game modes, as they are usually only available for a limited time (usually depending on the event being celebrated). Some may be promoted as normal game modes, like D-Day.

Space 3TDM

Main article: Arras:3 Team Space

A mode where players are grouped into 3 teams without bases. Many differences include that the arena is circular as opposed to rectangular/cubic, a large circular obstacle said to be the "moon" is in the middle that pulls players towards it, and a rocket thruster-like turret named RCS, is added onto the players' tanks, greatly affecting the movement of tanks and helps players to stop. Has no Bases.

Note: There were 2 versions of Space 3TDM. The first one had no RCS, but rather a supersized map and very high movement speed applied to all players.

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