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Base Game Modes

These game modes defines game objectives and fundamental game rules.

FFA (Free For All)


A mode without any established teams; the player may attack all other tanks and vice versa. Usually players look to their rankings and scores (or XP) on the leaderboard as to see how well they are doing and to try to be the top player. Scores are collected via destroying Polygons, Bosses, and opposing tanks. The player appears as blue, while all opponents are red.

Non-Maze FFA contains some Obstacles. Maze FFA contains a randomly generated Maze that always has a wall-free pathway around it as well as a large wall-free area in its centre, where harzards like Crashers and Bosses spawn. Maze or not spawn locations are always random.

There are certain teaming regulations, as shown while games are loading / connecting, that should be observed so as to ensure fair-play.



A mode where players are grouped into two to four teams depending on the server to fight teams of other colour(s). Friendly fire is not possible and collisions between teammates do no body damage.

Non-Open TDM features Bases, rectangular spawn areas that are located on either side (non-Maze 2TDM), upper left and lower right corners (Maze 2TDM), or around the four corners (4TDM). Bases are protected by Base Guardians, immobile structures that produces Swarm Drones, and should the Swarm Drones fail, the Bases themselves kill hostile players upon contact.


2 Team Maze Domination

A mode where 2-4 teams are tasked to capture Dominators in the map. You can control a captured dominator of your team (if not occupied) by pressing the F key. The number required to victory varies. In 2 Team Domination (Maze and non-Maze), the requirement is all of the five Dominators, wheras in 4 Team Domination it is three of the five.

The maps for Maze Domination are randomly generated, though not without some common features. They always have an open area at the centre, like Maze FFA, but unlike Maze FFA they are symmetric and much more navigable in the other parts.


Main article: Arras:Mothership (Game Mode)


A mode where teams fight to destroy other team's Mothership before theirs are destroyed by others. Motherships are exclusive tanks that have a large size, enormous FoV, 16 Drone Spawners, great Body Damage, Health, and Shield, and slow Movement Speed. Each team begins a game with one of these, controlled by one of its players.

Two official Mothership modes have been hosted on 2 Team Maze Mothership (removed) and 4 Team Mothership the second.

Assault (New Assault)

Main article: Arras:Assault


A mode where one team (Green team) aims to protect its Dominators for a certain amount of time while another team (Blue team) seeks to destroy them before that time. It is, in its essence, a variation of the D-Day mode.

While the Maze in the lower half of an Assault Arena is randomly generated for each game, the position of Bases, the Dominators, and the rough outline of the Maze are fixed.

D-Day (Old Assault)

Main article: Arras:D-Day

Door Buttons.png
Door buttons open.png

A mode where players are part of either the dominant number of tanks in blue team, or the defending red team, with the former having more chance of being part of when joining a server. Blue team must navigate around the Red team's base found on southeast of arena and destroy the Dominators including the main central base Dominator, while the Red team must protect at least 4 Dominators from being destroyed for 10 minutes. There are maze doors that have a button that opens and closes a door temporarily until next touch and a red button that will open and keep the door open and the switch will disappear, until the appropriate damage hit on the red button closes and keeps the door close and the switch will appear. The red button can also kill player, while the switch cannot.


Main article: Arras:Boss Mode

Map of an older version of Boss Mode

A mode where players defend their Bases against incoming waves of Bosses.

The players are confined in a almost square area by four red Bases in the four cardinal directions, jointed by four clusters of walls at the corners. Bosses spawn somewhere near the red Bases and close in through the Red Bases. In the older versions of the game mode there were no losing condition. In the current version, however, players must not lose all of their four Sanctuaries, which are the targets of the Bosses. There are a total of 28 waves with the last wave having every single boss at once.

This mode also features the Tank Healer and the bosses known as Celestials.

Combination Gamemodes

These game modes combine with base game modes, modifying the arena and gameplay.


A mode that has Maze Walls, which blocks Tanks from passing and destroy Ammunitions. Usually combines with FFA, but can sometimes combine with TDM, Domination, or Mothership.


A mode which has no team Bases, making players spawn at random locations. Combines with team modes, like TDM, Domination or Mothership.

A portal. Notice how the Sprayer bullets are being destroyed.


A mode that have 2 dimensions, connected with black Portals. The Portals move any Tanks or Ammunition to the center with weak "gravity", when they reach to the center, they spawn at center of the Portal in the different dimensions, then they are shooted out. The latest version of portals destroy ammunition instead of teleporting them. Combines with any gamemode.

Event Game Modes

Event game modes differ from normal game modes, as they are usually only available for a limited time (usually depending on the event being celebrated). Some may be promoted as normal game modes, like D-Day.

Space 3TDM

Main article: Arras:3 Team Space

A mode where players are grouped into 3 teams without bases. Many differences include that the arena is circular as opposed to rectangular/cubic, a large circular obstacle said to be the "moon" is in the middle that pulls players towards it, and a rocket thruster-like turret named RCS, is added onto the players' tanks, greatly affecting the movement of tanks and helps players to stop. Has no Bases.

Note: There were 2 versions of Space 3TDM. The first one had no RCS, but rather a supersized map and very high movement speed applied to all players. The latest version included bouncing off polygons and uncontrolled movement.


Almost identical to Tag in, this mode features the "tag" mechanics by which players are respawned on the team that had them killed, and the game ends when all surviving players are on the same team. This means every player, except the last one killed, always wins. Often a game tilts and topples quickly towards the stronger team (with skilled players or more active players) under five minutes, but some players like to suicide by ramming into spawn-protected players, in doing so switch to a weaker team and prolong the game .

This game mode was introduced on September 6th, 2020 and removed on November 13th the same year. The map was a generated small maze without bases. It spawns Crashers (in the central "nest") and Bosses, providing the strategic option to suicide and restart in a new tank with full health while remaining on the same team.


Pandemic in action.

The Pandemic mode is a two-team Tag mode with a twist: only the Green team tags (termed "infect" in the game); the Blue does not. To balance Blue starts with more players. As the game proceed Blue players are slowly but surely converted to Green, until Green eventually wins.

The mode was added on November 13th, 2020, replacing the Tag mode.


In Squad mode players battle each other in teams of four. It is an FFA with legitimate teaming, in a way of speaking. Players can create a private team by pressing "F". Doing so incorporates a "party link" in their current URL which can be shared to and browsed by friends who wish to join the team. Players without a private team are teamed up randomly.

Squad was introduced on December 20, 2020, supporting both Maze and no-Maze.

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