The Gem is a type of Polygon found in They are rare Polygons that have little HP and a lot of XP. They appear as small teal or aqua green hexagons and rarely spawn in company with many other Polygons.


  • The Gems, when destroyed, give the player about 2000 XP, that is four times of the Pentagon's XP. So the player should destroy them when the player finds one, as soon as possible.
    • Since it's one of the rarest Polygons, They're not useful for farming. The Pentagon and other Polygons are better for farming, since they are much more common.
  • It's smaller than most Polygons, so it is advised to accurately hit it.


  • In the private server code, the Gems don't spawn.
  • Only the Gems use teal/aqua green color.
  • This Polygon only exists in, while in, rare, green variants of some Pentagons exist in that game only.


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