The Half'n Half is one of the Removed Mockup Tanks in It upgraded from the Machine Flank at Level 45, and it couldn't upgrade any further. Its upgrade key was H.


The Half'n Half has a circular body equipped with the Gatling Gun Cannon at the front, and the Machine Gun Cannon at the back.


Due to it being a mockup Tank, this Tank has unknown stats.

However, what was known is that at the front, it shoots like the Gatling Gun and at the back, it shoots like the Machine Gun.


  • Strong against: Tanks with low FoV, low penetration Tanks, nearby Tanks, slow Tanks, groups of Tanks
  • Weak against: Tanks with a high Bullet speed, other Tanks with wider FoV, Drone classes

As the Half'n Half

  • Strategies of the Gatling Gun works with this Tank too.
  • The player can use its Machine Gun Cannon while fighting with tough enemies, to protect its back.
    • While the player is fighting the enemies with the Gatling Gun Cannon, other enemies may approach from its back. Use the Machine Gun Cannon to attack these enemies too.
  • Other strategy for this tank is the following; If the enemies are far, use the Gatling Gun Cannon, and if the enemies are near, use the Machine Gun Cannon.

Against the Half'n Half

  • Snipe it from far, or use the Drones to attack it, without being realized by it.
  • High DPS Tanks may work with it. While the Bullets are damaging the Half'n Half's Bullets, the Bullets can be destroyed perfectly, and the opponents' Bullets hit the body.
  • Attacking from 3 or more sides are the best strategy against this Tank, as it has only 2 Cannons and can't handle 3 or more enemies.
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