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Details: Boss Mode is replaced with Siege.
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The Healer is one of Tier 4 Tanks that upgrades from the Basic at Level 45, and has no evolutions in between. It is exclusive to Boss Mode.


The Healer features a design that looks like a Sidewinders', except its initial cannon is thinner and longer. The overlapped cannon also branches out less, with a very small angle that almost looks to be straight. It has a red cross symbol on its body.


Its firing rate is the same speed as that of the Sniper. The Bullets only hit Tanks on the same team, and will slightly heal them upon contact depending on the healer's bullet upgrade stats. It has a considerable recoil for a tank with such high reload.


  • Strong Against: most Tanks (when in the company of team-mates).
  • Weak Against: most Tanks (when standing alone) and polygons and bosses.

As the Healer

  • Heal your allies. The Healer is next to useless by itself but is indispensable as a support tank.
  • Keep your distance. Take advantage of your range and fall back a safe distance from those that you're healing. If you're too close, you may get killed by whatever it is they're fighting.
  • Don't ever venture away from combat-based tanks on your team. The Healer is somewhat defenseless on its own and won't stand a chance against enemy tanks.
  • If you wish to use it as a rammer, you can use it to ram bosses when they are very low on health, which will give you most (or all) of the points awarded by defeating the boss.

Against the Healer

  • You'll never run into a healer on the enemy team as it's exclusive to the Boss Event. However, if you do find one alone somehow, you shouldn't have to worry too much as it's unable to deal damage to enemies (we think).
  • A Healer can pose a threat when assisting teammates. Be sure to kill any Healers first if you run into a group of enemies with one.
  • If you get the chance, isolate Healers from their team mates. Do this by increasing your numbers if possible, or initially focusing all your firepower on Healers to prevent your opponents from easily healing.
  • Kill your enemies in one shot and the Healer has nothing to heal.


  • Originally, the Healer had a different design without its cross symbol. The design was changed shortly after the release of the Boss Event to avoid confusion with the Sidewinder.
  • The Healer is the first, and the only Gamemode-exclusive Tank as a Tank that branches from Basic.
  • When 2 Healer Bullets move while 2 are colliding, they heal each other and don't die until they're separated.
  • Healers cannot deal damage to Polygons with its bullets but can hurt bosses.
  • The only way for this tank's score to rise is through assists or ramming. However, the may 16, 2020 update lets them gain score from healing teammates.
  • If the healer is using a ram build, it can be played like a smasher and will do damage to enemies depending on its health stats.
  • If a healer doesn't upgrade it's bullet stats, its bullets will only be able to heal a very small amount.
  • Healer bullets used to have a slight knock-back on teammates, so it was possible to kill teammates who stood too close to red Bases.


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