The Hewn Double is one of the Tier 4 Tanks in that upgrades from the Double Twin at Level 42, and doesn't upgrade any further. Its Upgrade Key is U.


It is basically like the Double Twin, but there are 2 additional Cannons on the front. They are tilted about 15 degrees from the front.


It is still basically like the Double Twin, and its additional Cannons shoot at the same sequence with its rear Cannons.

Summary: Its shoot sequence is ArrasHewnDoubleShoot1 => ArrasHewnDoubleShoot2.


  • Strong Against: Low RoF or DPS Tanks, fast tanks, rammers, multiple enemies coming from the front and back
  • Weak Against: Some Destroyer classes, focused rapid-firing tanks.

As the Hewn Double

  • Now you gain more possibility to defeat fast Tanks, because it gains 2 Cannons facing to the outside upon upgrading from the Double Twin.
  • Because of it’s boosting and multi-sided firepower abilities, this tank can hold off multiple enemies at once.
  • Make sure to watch your sides, as this tank’s weakest point is the place where it is cannonless; the sides.
  • It can also be used with rammer builds, although it has low recoil so this is not recommended.
    • If you do it, you should enable Reverse Tank by pressing V.
    • While simply moving or regrouping, you should use the extra cannons on your one side to gain extra boost, making you move faster.
    • This tank’s ability to outrun and damage drones using it’s more cannon-y side make it resistant to drones if used properly.

Against the Hewn Double

  • Drone classes and Destroyer classes can be effective at defeating it.
    • Destroyer classes should one-shot it from the side, and drone classes should use their drones to circle around and attack from the defenseless sides.
    • Bullet spammers are still good, but they aren't the best.
  • Attacking from the sides is the best because they have no side cannons, but if you can't do, attack from the back.
    • Never attack from the front, because it has many Cannons at the front.


  • It was nerfed one day after it's added.


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