The Hexa-Trapper is one of the Tier 4 Tanks in with 6 Launchers and an Auto Turret. It upgrades from the Hexa Tank or Tri-Trapper upon reaching Level 45. Its upgrade key is H.


The Hexa Trapper has a circular base with 6 Trap Launchers set 60° apart and an Auto Turret in the center of its hitbox.


Upon upgrading from the Hexa Tank, the Hexa Trapper replaces its cannons with Trap Launchers and also adds an Auto Turret in the center.


  • Strong Against: Lower-level tanks, Septa-Trapper, slow-firing tanks
  • Weak Against: Bullet spammers, drone classes.

As the Hexa Trapper

  • Players should use it as a defensive Tank, supporting and protecting teammates from enemies thanks to its 6 Trap Launchers.
  • Players can press C (Auto-Spin) and E (Auto-Fire) to make a wall of almost impenetrable Traps. This is useful for defending teammates, as long FoV (Field of View) tanks like the Sniper can hide behind the Traps and snipe unsuspecting enemy players.
  • This tank should not be used in FFA, due to its lack of cannons.
  • The Hexa-Trapper can scare away Septa-Trappers using its Auto Turret, as they lack any offensive power at range.

Against the Hexa Trapper

  • The Hexa Trapper is weak against Bullet Spammers as the massive bullet storm will easily destroy its Traps and its Auto Turret will provide no defense due to its relatively slow reload.
  • Director-branched tanks use drones, which are good against this tank.


  • This tank is very similar to the Defender from
  • Before being temporarily replaced by exports.heptatrap (the Hepta-Trapper, now restored as a separate tank), it used to have a turret only known in the source as exports.machineAutoTurret (The machine gun turret that is now unused in arras source).


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