The Hexa Tank is one of the current Tier 3 Tanks in that may upgrade from the Flank Guard or the Twin at Level 25. The Hexa Tank may further upgrade into the Octo Tank, Cyclone or Hexa-Trapper. The Hexa Tank also used to be able to upgrade to the Hepta-Trapper, until it was replaced by the Hexa-Trapper. The upgrade key for it is Y for the Flank Guard, and H for the Twin.


The Hexa Tank has a circular base like most Tanks. It has six Cannons of the same length equally spaced apart at 60° intervals.


The Hexa Tank has six Cannons equally spaced apart around the tank. They all have the same stats, but the Cannons are slightly less powerful than the Flank Guard's. Like the Flank Guard, it has no recoil.


  • Strong Against: Groups of Tanks, spread fire Tanks, Tanks with weak ammunition
  • Weak Against: Drone classes, focused fire classes

As the Hexa Tank

  • Since the Hexa Tank shoots Bullets in most directions, it's great for farming, as well as pressuring multiple enemies that attempt to surround it.
  • The Hexa Tank can completely shut down any spread fire or weak ammunition classes.
  • Upgrading will be quick with its six-sided assault, hitting many Polygons at once. The Pentagon Nest is a good place for this Tank to farm.
  • Due to having no recoil, upgrading Movement Speed is helpful. Otherwise, the Hexa Tank will be exposed to fast-moving tanks or bullets that may make the Hexa Tank vulnerable to attack.
  • Never attempt to fight against tanks with focused fire, especially Triplet or Sprayer. If forced to, try to escape, and use the Hexa Tank's bullets in hopes of hitting them should they attempt to chase. Enabling auto-spin and auto-fire will greatly help, as the bullets will spiral out and potentially hit their sides.

Against the Hexa Tank

  • Tanks with concentrated fire or Drones should engage the Hexa Tank whenever possible.
  • Moving away from this Tank is hard, because its Bullet storm is likely to hit the player many times and maybe even kill them.
  • Destroyer branch tanks can be good at taking out the Hexa Tank, as it is a fairly slow tank which could be easily dealt with their destructive bullets.




  1. Removed upgrade option.
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