The Hunter is one of the current Tier 3 Tanks in in that may upgrade from the Sniper at Level 25. The Hunter may further upgrade into the Predator, Poacher, Ordnance, Sidewinder, or the Dual at Level 45. The upgrade key for it is U.


The Hunter features a circular base. It retains its old Sniper Cannon, and also has a wider, shorter Cannon stacked behind it.


The Hunter's two Cannons have exactly the same stats, except for Bullet size - one Cannon fires smaller Bullets than the other. The two Cannons themselves also behave like the Sniper's Cannon. The Hunter also has an increased field of vision compared to the Sniper but also has a decreased reload.


  • Strong Against: Tanks that are far away from the Hunter, low reload Tanks, low penetration Tanks
  • Weak Against: Assassin or Hunter upgrades, Tanks that are close to the Hunter, high reload/penetration Tanks

As the Hunter

  • You have a larger FoV than most Tanks. Anything that's on your screen is easy prey for you.
  • The Tank's name is the "Hunter". With its low reload and point damage, it's not made for farming. It's made for hunting other players down and taking their XP.
  • Don't waste your shots. You can't afford to shoot down ammunition against a faster-shooting Tank, unless you're sure you can hit them too. Save your shots because you never know when a Booster might run up to you and try to kill you.
  • If forced into a close-range scenario, try to predict the enemy's movement then shoot at where they will be.
  • Movement speed is a great asset for the Hunter to counter its low defense.

Against the Hunter

  • If you can, shoot a surprise barrage at it to force it into a defensive position where it's weak.
  • Lower reload Tanks will have a hard time against the Hunter. It's better to retreat under cover of ammunition.
  • If you're a Hunter or Assassin upgrade, you can outrange this Tank or use your superior ammunition to easily kill it.
  • If you see a Hunter waste a shot, do some major damage before it can shoot again.


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