The Hybrid is one of the current Tier 4 Tanks and is one of the four current upgrades branching off the Destroyer, available at level 45. It cannot upgrade any further.


Hence its name, the Hybrid combines the designs of the Director and the Destroyer. A Hybrid features a round circle with a large Destroyer Cannon in front of the tank (it is the cannon that follows the cursor) and a trapezoidal Spawner in the back of the tank.


The Hybrid has 2 types of ammunition:

  • Bullets
    • The Bullets deal massive damage and thus cause huge recoil.
  • Drones
    • The Reload affects both the Bullets and the Drones.
    • Its Drones are AI-controlled (except for the override feature) and attack all Polygons and enemy tanks.
    • They also automatically follow the Hybrid around wherever it goes.
    • There can be no more than 2 Drones at any given time.
    • These Drones’ capabilities increase with the tank’s Stats in Bullet Damage, Bullet Penetration, and Bullet Health.


  • Strong Against: Overseer groups (close up), Twin groups (close up), Rammers particularly slower ones, bullet spammers/rammers, Booster class, slow-reload bullet spammers, slow tanks.
  • Weak Against: Snipers, experienced drone users (or mostly drone users in general), fast-moving tanks.

As the Hybrid

  • The Hybrid carries a fairly destructive power similar to its counterpart, albeit with more reload and less recoil. As such, most strategies can be used as well.
  • Ambush enemies from the upper or lower sides, then try to get close as possible to blast them off. Retreat in case they survive. Ambushing the enemies from the left or right sides might give away the Hybrid's position, giving them time to react.
  • Due to tanks that utilize anti-rammer builds becoming a more viable choice, utilizing either of the following builds, 5/4/6/6/6/6/0/9/0/0 or 4/4/7/6/6/7/3/6/0/0, is very effective for the Hybrid.
  • When engaging against rammers or melee-build tanks like Booster or Smasher, should either of the builds above are used, waiting for them to get near and then blasting them off is a good tactic to deal with them. If they decided to continue attacking, the body damage, as well as the drones, should finish them off after low health. Still, always be prepared if there are more of them, or if they decided to make a sharp turn as a counterattack.
  • Enabling override (by pressing R) prevents the drones from automatically attacking nearby Polygons or enemies, allowing for easier sneak attacks as well as some temporary cover should they orbit to the side of the Hybrid being attacked. Note that the drones cannot be manually controlled by the player even with override enabled.
  • On enclosed areas like a Maze map dead-end or Polygon-clustered areas, the Hybrid's bullet is potentially deadly and harder to dodge.
  • The drones provide massive ease with farming, and if you happen to miss your shot on a Tri-Angle classed tank, your drones will provide cover while you reload.
  • Don't come from the top-right corner of their screen, come up from the bottom of their screen, to give them a jump attack, lessen their reaction time, and provide a hit-and-run opportunity (that is, if you have decent movement speed).
  • At long ranges, the Hybrid can be as effective if you have a good aim. The bullet is no larger than that of destroyers, but in an enclosed space (e.g. maze map) it can prove tricky to dodge.
  • Aim should be practiced to be able to hit and kill faster and faster tanks.

Against the Hybrid

  • The Hybrid does not have the same range of view as Sniper branch classes. As such, the Hybrid can be gunned down before it could reach the attacking tank.
  • When playing as Overseer/Overlord, use the claw technique to surround the Hybrid with drones. Dodge around it and its bullets and drones as much as possible, and try to stay at a fairly far distance while attacking it.
  • The Hybrid should not be approached closely due to their bullets, let alone the drones. However, if utilizing a rammer build and having to deal with it, attempt to dodge its bullets as much as possible. It is also best to attack if their drones are targeting something else, leaving the Hybrid somewhat vulnerable with its low rate of fire.
  • Retreat as soon as possible when hit by the Hybrid's bullet. Even if the player's tank survive the first hit, succeeding bullets will most likely take them down, even when utilizing ramming builds, as said Hybrid could be potentially using an anti-rammer build.


  • A Hybrid is named after its odd combination of Drones and Bullets.


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