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The sky darkens as the ground slowly begins to crumble... The end is near.

Kronos is a special Boss type named an Eternal, which is a Celestial with an extra layer. Kronos is found in Arras.io, exclusively at Siege. It is one of the three possible final Bosses of the game mode, the others being Ragnarok and Legionary Crasher. It was officially added on July 13th, 2021.


Kronos features a multi-layered body similar to the Celestials, but has four layers, starting from topmost to bottommost: pentagon, heptagon, nonagon, hendecagon. The topmost layer has five auto turrets that look similar to the Triplet, but with their middle cannons replaced with that of Machine Gun; the second-to-top layer has seven Carrier auto turrets; the second-to-bottom layer has nine Skimmer-like auto turrets, with the shorter, overlapping cannon having wider opening; the bottommost layer has eleven Trapper auto turrets.


Kronos, being a final Boss in Siege, features a massive health and weapon arsenal that surpasses most of the other Bosses, as well as an incredible size in comparison to them. It has a 1 in 3 chance to be the final Boss to spawn at Wave 34, accompanied with a unique notification saying “The sky darkens as the ground slowly begins to crumble... The end is near.”. Unlike the earlier waves, Kronos directly spawns at the middle of the map. It initially appears small, but gradually gets bigger until its actual size in the span of five seconds. It is also invulnerable during that time, only becoming vulnerable once reaching its actual size and beginning to attack. Defeating it ends the game as victory for the players. Its topmost and second-to-bottom layers spin counterclockwise, while the second-to-top and bottommost layers spin clockwise.

Its Triplet turrets act somewhat similar to the player version, except they have faster bullet speed and higher penetration.

Its Cruiser turrets act somewhat similar to the player version.

The missiles that its turrets at the third layer shoot, called “Alpha Skimmer Missiles” are modeled somewhat similar to Zaphkiel’s missiles, except the side cannons are replaced with trap launchers. The traps are small, but tough. The Missile Cannons have massive range, causing them to fire missiles all over the map making it very tough to restore sanctuaries and the missiles deal fatal damage upon colliding with a player.

Its Trapper auto turrets serve as its defensive weapons. They act similar to the ones used by the Celestials, that being not actively targeting any player, and has some form of “swinging” motion due to the layer’s continuous spinning. The traps they fire are larger, and somewhat slightly stronger.


  • Strong against: Most tanks, small groups of tanks, groups of rammers
  • Weak against: Larger groups of tanks, specifically bullet spammers

Against Kronos

  • A massive team of well-coordinated players are needed to take down, let alone damage Kronos due to its extremely powerful stats and weapons. Expect a few Sanctuaries to be destroyed once it appears, especially if the initial attack against it didn’t immediately defeat it. Should the first attack also failed, it would be difficult to take Kronos down with the inconsistent spawning of players, losing proper coordination.
  • A large group of Penta Shots in the corner may work but comes with risk. If such group fails to defeat Kronos, the surviving members may struggle leaving the area either to return to nearby Sanctuaries or to restore them while the onslaught is still happening.
  • A group of Septa-Trappers can provide an easy way of not only helping players regroup together, but also block many if not all of Kronos's attacks from reaching them. Be aware that since the final Boss spawn point is at the middle of the arena, the players should not directly position at that area, or else they will possibly die upon the start of the final wave depending where the boss spawns. It is also 100% EXTREMELY Important that there should be no more that 4 Septa-Trappers in the middle at a time, or else they will get perma-banned by the developers. A Healer alongside the group of Septa-Trappers in the middle of the map should be constantly healing the tanks blocking the attacks as if they are taking damage from the boss.


  • Kronos was previously known as the Eternal, months before being officially added as a final Boss for Siege.
    • This boss was first proposed by one of the Arras.io developers months ago.[1]
    • It used to be thought of as a Celestial variant, and could only be spawned by the developers. It was removed sometime, but eventually made a return, probably in preparation for its official implementation.[2] On its reintroduction into the game’s code, it was actually smaller than Ragnarok by 30 size points. A few days later Ragnarok’s size value was dropped down to 220, so they could both be the same size. Additionally, this pre-matured type of info also occurred with the top and final layer of Kronos, as it was originally named after Ragnarok’s top layer, the Ragnarok Gunner Cruiser.
    • Strangely, Kronos is the variant name for the Eternal, with the latter being the name for the Boss type.
      • It could be possible, although unconfirmed, that Ragnarok will be considered a variant of Eternal in the future, given that it has four layers similar to Kronos.
    • As shown in a screenshot below, its Alpha Skimmer Missiles used to shoot small blocks instead of regular traps, although they didn’t seem to be functionally different.
  • Kronos matches the color of Eggs.
  • In Greek mythology, Kronos was the son of Uranus (Heaven) and Gaea (Earth), being the youngest of the 12 Titans. He was also the leader and youngest of the first generation of the Titans.
    • Its previous name/boss type Eternal doesn’t have a specific mythological or other source of origin aside from its etymology originating from the Latin word aeternalis (meaning “everlasting”), although it may probably have referred to philosophies or beliefs regarding immortality or other similar themes.
  • Upon killing a player, Kronos is shown that it spawns with 4 million score, as opposed to the Celestials’ one million score.
  • There is sometimes a chance where Kronos may get stuck in between a (destroyed) Sanctuary in the corner, preventing it to reach the other Sanctuaries and/or players. If such thing happens, it can make it impossible to kill Kronos without getting close to it, especially if there aren’t enough players to counter its projectiles.
    • In order to perform getting Kronos stuck in between a (destroyed) Sanctuary in the corner, a large group of players in that corner to get it far back enough in that corner. depending on which side it got into, a group of at least 2 Triplets minimum should restore a sanctuary upwards or on the side. ( EX: A group of players in the SE corner fail to defeat Kronos and there is 4-6 players restoring a sanctuary above and if they succeed, they will successfully get Kronos stuck in the corner. )  
  • Kronos originally had a unique spawn message called: “Do you believe in Ragnarok?”. An unmentioned change on the changelog prior to Nyx being officially added changed the spawn message to "The finale is about to begin". It was changed again around October 1st, 2021 update to “The sky darkens as the ground slowly begins to crumble... The end is near.”.
    • Its First spawn message is now used by Ragnarok.
  • If a player deals the final blow to Kronos, the minimum amount of XP they will get is 402,599 points from just dealing the final blow to Kronos.
  • If a player dies to Kronos's Triplet bullets or Carrier Swarn Drones, it is shown on the death message unmentioned in the changelog that the triplet bullets have been renamed to "Kronos Curse Gun Bullet." while the Carrier Swarn Drones have been renamed to "Kronos Tortured Soul Spawner Swarn Drone."



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