The Landmine is one of the Tier 4 Tanks from the Smasher at Level 45. As a level 45 Tank, it doesn't upgrade any further. It's upgrade key is H. It can turn invisible but will be slightly visible to other players when near you.


The Landmine is simply a circle with a dodecagonal shell on it.


Upon upgrading, the Landmine gets no buffs or debuffs except for the fact that it can become invisible while being stationary over time.


  • Strong against: Weak/slow tanks
  • Weak against: Tanks with drones (Necromancer, etc.)

As the Landmine

  • This tank is really useful in MAZE maps. Hide in the entrance of a tunnel and people might run into you.
  • Ram weak/slow tanks, since they are the easiest target for the Landmine.
  • Keep an eye on the maximum health and body damage. It is highly recommended to upgrade those stats, if possible, since they are both essential for taking out Polygons and enemy tanks more easily.
  • Avoid attacking tanks with Drones like the Necromancer. To avoid these tanks more easily, upgrade your movement speed so that you can escape from the Drones faster.
  • Upgrade a high movement speed might even be able to dodge the drones and ram to that certain tank.

Against the Landmine

  • The goal is becoming aware of the tank first, because they have little reason to move at all, if ever, due to their massive Max Health and Body Damage, coupled with invisibility being their only real weapon.
  • The best thing to do is to spray areas in case a Landmine is invisible around you. The bullets will reveal any Landmines. Octo Tanks and Penta Shots excel at this due to their wide bullet spread, fast Reload speed and great crowd control.
  • Assuming that the player controlling the Landmine either has a low movement speed, isn't really good at moving/escaping or both, Drones are a great way to take out these users, since the Landmine cannot shoot bullets and fend off against the Drones.


  • The Landmine was also borrowed from
    • Like the Landmine in, the landmine in can also turn invisible.


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