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"The Elite Crashers were all but disciples for what you have awoken... What have you done?"

The Legionary Crasher is a final boss in Siege, along with Ragnarok and Kronos. It has a 1 in 3 of spawning in siege. It is based off of the Crashers, Sentries, and Elite Crashers.


The Legionary Crasher features a 2-layered Crasher boss with 3 massive Sprayer turrets on the sides and 3 massive Elite Gunner Pillbox turrets on the tips of the bottom layer. There are also massive spawners underneath the Sprayer turrets which spawn Elite Crashers as minions.

On the top layer, however, there are 3 massive Elite Gunner turrets on the tips and 2 spawners on the sides which do nothing currently.


Elite Legions


  • A massive team of well-coordinated players are needed to take down, let alone damage the Legionary Crasher due to its extremely powerful stats and weapons. Expect almost all of the Sanctuaries to be destroyed once it appears, especially if the initial attack against it didn’t immediately defeat it. Should the first attack also failed, it would be difficult to take the Legionary Crasher down with the inconsistent spawning of players, losing proper coordination.
    • Fortunately, since no other Bosses spawn alongside the Legionary Crasher, players will focus against it, and can possibly take it down quickly without getting any Sanctuaries destroyed. Of course, this is assuming most players use firepower tanks.
  • While some strategies involving Ragnarok and Kronos may apply towards the Legionary Crasher, be aware of the Elite Crasher minions it spawns as well. If players don't keep their focus towards them, they will be dead in no time.
  • This boss is probably the strongest boss in all of Arras.io, which killing it is incredibly hard. Try to not get distracted by the Elite Legions, as when killing the main boss, the Elites go with it.


  • The Legionary Crasher is the first final boss in siege to NOT have a design similar to Ragnarok and Kronos. It is also the strongest boss in the game as well.
  • Upon killing a player, the Legionary Crasher is shown that it spawns with 3 million score, as opposed to the normal Elite Crasher's 150K score.
  • In a dictionary, the word "Legionary" means a soldier in a Roman legion. or A soldier belonging to a legion; a professional soldier of the ancient Roman army.
  • Out of all the bosses in arras.io currently, the Legionary Crasher is shown to use lesser bosses (Elite Crashers) as minions.
    • The Elite Spawner Legion actually spawns very large Sentries.

      One of the Massive Sentries

      • Due to this, the Legionary Crasher is the only boss in Arras.io to have minions that spawn more minions.
  • The Legionary Crasher just like Ragnarok and Kronos has a unique spawn notification. Upon spawning, the message: "The Elite Crasher's were all but disciples for what you have awoken... What have you done?" It also has a unique death message as well: Upon The boss itself or an elite legion gets killed, the message: "An Elite Legion Has Been Defeated!"
  • There is a part where it is sticking out of the triangle.
  • Though the Legionary Crasher was the third final boss added into the game, it was actually the second to be created.


The Legionary Crasher is shown to have several unique names that were added unmentioned in the changelog, there are serval of them and all of them are based off of various fictional, mythological or religious symbols:

  • Vesta
  • Juno
  • Ocrus
  • Janus
  • Minerva
  • Ceres


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