The Machine Flank is a Mockup Tank in, that is removed in beta version. It upgraded from the Machine Gun at Level 25, and it upgraded to the Machine Triple or the Half'n Half. Its upgrade key was J.


The Machine Flank's Body is circle, and it has 2 Machine Gun Cannons at the front and back.


Due to it being a mockup Tank, this Tank has unknown stats.

However, this Tank's stat was probably similar to the Machine Gun's, and had lower damage and no recoil.


  • Strong against: Tanks with same or narrower FoV than it, low penetration Tanks, nearby Tanks, groups of Tanks
  • Weak against: High penetration Tanks, Drone classes, Tanks with wide FoV

As the Machine Flank

  • Against narrow FoV Tanks, attack them before they see the player.
  • If enemies are near the player, fire Bullets first, then decide flee or attack.
  • This Tank is good against groups of Tanks coming from the player's front or back, but the player should care about its side.

Against the Machine Flank

  • Use a high penetration Tank to go against it.
  • Since it is hard for many tanks, including this one, to counter Drone class Tanks, use a Drone class Tank against this Tank.
  • Tanks with a wide field of view, such as the Sniper and the tanks from its branch like the Hunter and the Streamliner are great for attacking this Tank in long range.


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