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Not to be confused with the Director, or the Manager, which resemble the Machine Gun.

The Machine Gun is one of the current Tier 2 Tanks in Arras.io that upgrades from the Basic. It may further upgrade into the Gunner, Minigun, and the Artillery. It can also upgrade into the Sprayer at Level 45. Its upgrade key is I.


The Machine Gun has a circular base and a trapezoidal shaped Cannon mounted at the front.


The Machine Gun changes its Cannon to fire approximately twice as fast, but with decreased accuracy. The increased rate of fire also increases recoil. Its bullets are also slightly larger than the Basic's bullets, but slightly smaller then the Pounder's bullets.


  • Strong Against: Tanks within its FoV, low penetration tanks, nearby tanks.
  • Weak Against: High penetration Tanks, tanks with a high FoV, Drone classes.

As the Machine Gun

  • Players should use the Machine Gun's increased recoil to quickly move around the map.
  • The Machine Gun's reduced accuracy is, in some ways, an advantage, making it better at farming and a long-range Tank.

Against the Machine Gun

  • Tanks with more accurate fire, like the Ranger, can engage the Machine Gun from afar without much trouble, dealing heavy damage while avoiding the Machine Gun's erratic fire.
  • Any Tank should be careful when fighting the Machine Gun, for its firepower can be significant and deadly.




  1. Players may upgrade to Sprayer at level 45.
  2. 2.0 2.1 2.2 2.3 Removed Upgrade Option