The Machine Gunner is one of the Tier 4 Tanks in that may upgrade from the Gunner. The Machine Gunner may not further upgrade as it is at the end of its tank branch. The upgrade key for it is J.


The Machine Gunner features a circular tank body as its base. It possesses 5 identical medium-sized trapezium-shaped Cannons on the front. The five cannons are laterally equidistant, with the central cannon displayed on top and the more lateral ones underneath. They all face directly forward.


Despite the cannons' similarity to Machine Gun cannons, the Machine Gunner's bullets retain the appearance of those that of the Gunner. Comparing to the Gunner, spread is greatly increased and bullet range slightly reduced, leading to the Machine Gunner being ineffective at longer ranges. In general, DPS is increased.


  • Strong Against: Tanks with low reload, rammers, close-range battles, glass cannon Tri-Angle tanks at times, defensive Sniper classes, Trappers and surprisingly other bullet spammers.
  • Weak Against: High DPS tanks, Long-range battles, certain close-range battles (this depends on the tank; Destroyer, etc.) and skilled drone users.

As the Machine Gunner

  • By upgrading the Bullet Health, Penetration and Damage, Machine Gunner stands atop all bullet spammer at close range.
  • In short the Machine Gunner has an incredible DPS at close range which nonetheless diminish rapidly due to its spread and range, so try to get in close range to make use of your excessive RoF, unless the opponent is using a rammer build.
  • Bullet Speed is usually of low priority to a Machine Gunner for its huge random spread rendering it ineffective at long range regardless of the stat. Although it is possible to create an encapsulation of bullets with a high Bullet Speed, a Penta Shot is better fit for this purpose.
  • The Machine Gunner is not an excellent killing machine as most tanks would have spotted it and taken measures before stumbling into its rather short effective range (less than 4 tank size). It is, however, remarkable at cornering many tanks and as such shines leading advances in maze team modes. Appreciate the weak recoil.
  • A team of Machine Gunners counters lots of enemy players. This strategy is often used in Assault.
  • This tank is useful when fighting Dominators in teams. Have one of your teammates attract the fire, then the Machine Gunner(s) get up close to release its true potential.

Against the Machine Gunner

  • The Annihilator can be used to sneak upon the Machine Gunner or to shoot through its bullet wall by exposing itself briefly. If the Annihilator misses their powerful shot, it is best for the player to escape, as the storm of bullets from the Machine Gunner kills easily.
  • Drone tanks may kill the Machine Gunner easily so long as their drones do not stay too long within its effective range. This can be achieved by high Drone Speed, ambush (greater FoV), or a runway to gain speed.
  • Sniper classes can also easily penetrate through the weak bullets with high Bullet Speed. Keep the distance and make quick work of the Machine Gunner. The Single may work similarly as well.
  • The Nailgun is very effective against the Machine Gunner for its nigh-unblockable bullets in addition to its being a Sniper class.
  • The Factory can utilise its powerful Minions to overwhelm the Machine Gunner with bullets from multiple directions while blocking its bullets by upgrading Minion health.
  • The Overgunner/trapper can distract a Machine Gunner with their drones before attacking them with their bullets/traps.


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