The Maleficitor is one of the current Tier 4 Tanks that upgrades from the Underseer at Level 45. This tank is very similar to the Underseer, however the one main difference is that the Maleficitor's Drones will become invisible if they stay still. An upgrade key for this tank is U.


It features a square body like Underseer or Necromancer, and it has a trapezoid-shaped Spawner at the front.


The Maleficitor's drones turn invisible when staying still. However, sometimes it might not happen or takes a very long time to.


  • Strong against: Rammers, slow Tanks, other Drone classes, Sniper branches, Destroyer branches, unsuspecting bullet spammers, focused fire Tanks (slow)
  • Weak against: Bullet spammers, Tri-Angle branches (not rammers), any other Tanks (when on low Drone count)

As the Maleficitor

  • Slow tanks are great targets because your massive amount of drones can easily overwhealm them, even if it's a bullet spammer.
  • Rammers tend to avoid this tank mainly because the massive number of drones can easily kill it, but if they do come, continue on your path and let them follow you until they get very close, then quickly turn around and surround your opponent and kill it.
  • Other Drone classes like the Overlord are easy targets because they simply don't have enough drones to defend themselves against your Drones. If you don't have that many Drones, leave them.

Against the Maleficitor

  • If you are the Cyclone or the Octo Tank (or a bullet spammer of that sort), you can approach the Malificitor and quickly circle AROUND the Drones, destroying them in the process, and kill the Tank.
  • If you are an average Bullet spammer, keep your distance and kill as many drones as possible before going in to kill the tank.
  • All tanks should only engage the maleficator when it is low on drones or it will kill you. This does not apply for the Octo Tanks or the Cyclones.



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