The Manager is one of the current Tier 4 Tanks which can upgrade from Director and end of the upgrade line. The upgrade key is J.


The Manager looks nearly identical to the Director, with a circular base and a trapezoidal Spawner on its front.


The Manager is very similar to the Director except:

  • The Manager turns invisible after staying still for around 2 seconds. Unlike the Stalker, the Manager's invisibility is not interrupted by firing. Only moving (player-controlled or pushed, but not from recoil), taking hits, and being too close to an enemy expose the Manager.
  • The manager can control up to 8 drones at once, instead of 5.
  • The Manager has an improved reload.


  • Strong Against: Distracted tanks with low DPS, solo tanks, tanks with low Reload, Auto-tanks, Smasher Classes, Destroyer Classes.
  • Weak Against: Prepared tanks with high DPS, multiple tanks, spread tanks, Sprayer, and Triplet, Builder branch, occasionally Streamliner if caught off-guard.

As the Manager

  • It is a common practice to camp in a spot of the map as the Manager cannot turn invisible while moving. As such the Manager is usually considered a defensive tank.
  • Managers should never stop controlling their Drones, as they will automatically fly in a circle around them, advertising their location to other players.
  • Players should not camp in spots where there are many tanks and/or Polygons, as Stray Bullets or tanks trying to farm can damage the player and thus reveal the Manager's location.
  • Players should be extra careful when they become the Leader, as the leader arrow will still lead users towards their location, rendering invisibility useless. Nevertheless, the Leader Arrow will disappear within a certain distance of the player so hiding should still be “possible” given they change locations often.
  • In case the player wants to hide, they should position their spawner against a wall (in mazes) or send their drones to somewhere with no enemies (such as behind their base). Otherwise their drones will expose their position. The first method is not perfect as the recoil will slowly displace the Manager from the wall.
  • Although the Manager has a high reload among Drone tanks, its end replenish rate is still remarkably low due to the fact that it has only one spawner. With that and the invisibility ability in mind, players may want builds that focus on killing at first attempts instead of builds that focus on engaging enemies, which may not turn out well most of the time.
  • The Manager's weakness can nevertheless be used in its favor. After failing to kill, the now defenseless Manager becomes a perfect lure to its then-target, creating an opportunity for more of its invisible teammates.
  • If the player expects multiple enemies (e.g. when defending a Dominator), consider using the Overlord or other drone tanks instead as the Manager's main feature of invisibility will no longer be relevant.
  • To further exploit its invisibility, the Manager may want to station its drones further down the enemies' expected route than itself, i.e. in such as way that enemies are going to pass the Manager before its drones. This ensures the enemy to be well in your FoV before they realise your drones. With some practice you can learn to secure yourself before your enemy learns of your position.
  • When facing multiple tanks in FFA, player may want to keep their drones for defence and intimidation. Weak as the Manager while recharging, it is not the least less deadly than the Overlord with all its drones.

Against the Manager

  • As always, destroying drones reveal the location of their owners.
  • The Manager's drones always come from forward. They are produced rather frequently but only one at a time.
  • Manager drones can be identified more or less with their behaviour. If you have the Director's FoV or above, drones attacking precisely without a visible owner are obviously of a Manager. Managers usually deploy their drone with greater caution too as replenishing them is a slow give-away process.
  • In team modes, do not be terrified because a Manager kill one of your teammates. Make use of your teammate's sacrifice, gang on and kill the recharging Manager.
  • Get in the Manager's shoe. One can often identify the possible hiding place of a Manager.
  • Use a Tri-Angle or similar classes in order to avoid the Manager’s Drones, then blast the Manager with the front cannon while dodging and holding off the Manager’s Drones with the rear cannons.
  • Use a Necromancer and sweep any area where Drones without a visible owner are.
  • Use an Octo Tank, or a similar tank to flood zones with suspected Managers while running at a slight angle, in order to fire around and overpower or simply dissuade the Manager from fighting.
  • The Auto Gunner is effective because the Auto Gunner’s bullets can kill the Manager and its drones while the Auto Turret can expose the Manager’s location.
  • Use the Triplet. The focused fire of the Triplet’s Bullets will kill the Manager’s Drones faster than it can Reload. The player can then proceed to kill the Manager with ease.
  • If the player is using a fast Trapper class with high reload points, and comes close to the Manager, they can shoot a trap at it, and it may react by moving, which makes them visible. Then, they should shoot at the Manager's Spawner to kill any new drones. With some luck, the player may be able to kill it.
  • As against any invisible tanks, with a superior FoV the player may stalk the Manager until they settle and camp, then one can snipe the stationary Manager with no problem at all.


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