The subject of this article is no longer in! Please keep note while reading that this feature is archived and cannot be done/played in anymore.

The Master was one of's Tier 4 Tanks, although it was quickly disposed of, most likely because it was such a weak tank. It could have also been a joke tank, as it was added on April Fool's Day.


The Master has a circular base with what looks like an oversized Destroyer Cannon on the front. The Destroyer Cannon-like barrel is actually a Spawner used to spawn Mini-Boosters. The Master also has 4 Cannons on the back like a Booster's thrusters.


The Master's Booster Cannons on it's back are actually useless! The barrels rarely shoot and on top of it all, its Spawner's recoil contributes to its overall slow movement. The mini-Boosters spawned by the Spawner spin in endless circles and only shoot their weak bullets when the player is clicking. The Boosters also have low-health, and the Spawner can only spawn 4 Mini-Boosters at maximum capacity. In short, the Master is quite a weak tank.


  • Strong Against: Unsuspecting tanks (only with ram build), recently upgraded Basic Tanks with low stats.
  • Weak Against: Nearly every existing tank.

As the Master

  • Because of it's Minions' measly damage, using a ram build is the only way to get kills. Ramming slow and unsuspecting tanks, like the Ranger or Assassin branch (excluding the Falcon), is one way to successfully get kills.

Against the Master

  • Since the Master is a slow and weak spawner-type tank, you can guess that any Master would be a Rammer. Using any tank with a high DPS rate (like the Triplet or Nailgun) is a great way to quickly dispose of any enemy Master.


  • The Master was laughably a joke tank added on April 1, 2018 and removed on April 2, 2018, but still exists under the Beta Tester Branch.


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