The Mega-Smasher is one of the current Tier 4 Tanks that may upgrade from the Smasher at Level 45. The Mega-Smasher may not further upgrade. The upgrade key for it is Y.


The Mega-Smasher features a circular tank body as a base, with a spinning black hexagon beneath it. The hexagon is slightly wider as opposed to the Smasher.


This tank is known for piercing through polygons and enemy tanks. It is completely immune to knockbacks. It has a very fast speed and a slight health regen buff.


  • Strong Against: Slow tanks, tanks with a low rate of fire, other non-Smasher rammer classes.
  • Weak Against: Faster tanks like the Fighter, Pounder branch tanks, tanks with high Reload and focused fire (like the Triplet, for example).

As the Mega-Smasher

  • This tank should be played like a Smasher.
  • Avoid Drone classes as they can swarm the player with their Drones.

Against the Mega-Smasher

  • Director branch classes can swarm their drones around the Mega-Smasher.


  • This is one of the 2 removed tanks from the original but makes an appearance in (Auto-4 and the Mega-Smasher).
  • When you upgrade to smasher, there is a new upgrade, Engine Acceleration, as well as the 2 new upgrades for all classes, Shield Regeneration and Shield Capacity. Some fans think that Mega-Smasher improves one or more of these stats.
  • There is a glitch wherein the 3 Team Space mode, the Mega-Smasher can pass through the moon and suddenly appear on the opposite side from where it came from.


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