The Minigun is one of the current Tier 3 Tanks in, which may upgrade from the Machine Gun or the Sniper. The Minigun may further upgrade into the Streamliner, Nailgun, Crop Duster or Barricade. The upgrade key for it is I.


The Minigun features a circular base with three regular-sized Cannons mounted at the front of the tank.


Upon upgrading to the Minigun from the Machine Gun, the trapezium-shaped Cannon gets replaced with three regular Cannons. The Cannons fire at the same rate as the Basic, but the firing is offset, leading to a seemingly more precise version of its predecessor, the Machine Gun.


  • Strong Against: Low level tanks, Trapper classes, slow melee tanks
  • Weak Against: Destroyer branch, rammers, groups of tanks, high FoV tanks, skilled Drone users

As the Minigun

  • The Minigun excels at farming because of its high DPS. Use this fact to quickly level up.
  • The Minigun is built for offense, especially in duels, because of its rapid-fire. It is almost impossible for an enemy to escape when the rapid streams of fast and deadly Bullets come near them.
  • Against Octo Tanks, shoot at the gaps with barely any Bullets. The stream of Bullets will easily kill the Octo Tank if the player is not fast enough to react. Be sure to upgrade Reload to its maximum potential to destroy any stray Bullets, creating better results.
  • The Minigun excels against Trappers, as its high DPS and Reload can easily destroy the Traps and then heavily damage, if not kill the enemy.

Against the Minigun

  • Tri-Angles with a bullet build can chase down the Minigun and block the Bullet stream using their own Bullets, as the Minigun's bullets have low penetration.
  • One of the best ways to counter the Minigun is by surrounding it with teammates. It can only shoot in one direction, and the Bullets have low penetration.
  • Skilled Rammers can easily dodge the Bullets and go in for the kill.


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