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The Mortar is one of the Tier 4 Tanks in Arras.io that may upgrade from the Artillery at level 45. It can not upgrade any further, as it is the end of its upgrade line. The upgrade key for this Tank is Y.


The Mortar has the common circular base and a somewhat large Cannon mounted on the front. Behind the center Cannon are four smaller Cannons.


The Mortar, when being upgraded to, adds two smaller side Cannons.


  • Strong Against: Cruiser branch, low health tanks, low DPS tanks
  • Weak Against: skilled Overseer-branch tanks.

As the Mortar

  • The Mortar's central bullet is extremely powerful and fast. Only one of them, if aimed correctly, is necessary to take down tanks without additional Health Stat points.
  • The mortar can also be played similarly to a bullet spammer, it is like a spread out gunner with a middle barrel.
  • When spammed, it can be played like a penta with a more powerful center and more concentrated fire. A streamliner build works fine.

Against the Mortar

  • When facing the Mortar, players should avoid the central bullet at all costs, since it is very powerful.
  • The Overseer-branch tanks with high stats and that are skilled are great against this tank.