The Mothership (Tank) is one of the Tanks is, exclusive to the Mothership Gamemode.


The Mothership features a hexadecagonal body with the team's color, and on the each side, there's a Spawner. The Spawners almost look like Cannons, due to their very small amount of inclination.


The Mothership spawns 32 Drones from the Spawners, where 16 of them are controllable and the other 16 are uncontrollable.
The Mothership has the largest size in the game, the cause of this is because it is Level 110 causing it to be large and slow.


  • Strong Against: Most Tanks.
    • Especially strong Against: Tanks with low RoF, alone Tanks, slow Tanks.
  • Weak Against: Underseer branch, groups of Tanks.

As the Mothership

  • Try to pick off Tanks that are alone or weak because they won't stand a chance.
  • Try to let the other Motherships battle it out and get on low health before you kill them.

Against the Mothership

  • Always be a team to try and kill the Mothership, as it can't attack everyone at once.
  • An Underseer branch tank with a lot of Drones can block the Motherships' Drones and do fatal damage to the Mothership.


  • The Mothership despite having max Drone Speed, the Drones are as slow as the Hybrid bullet with seven points in Bullet Speed.
  • Despite having max Movement Speed, its speed is about slower than the Fighter running backwards (this is because of its size).
  • The Mothership has one of the largest amount of Drones, others include the Necromancer, and the Cruiser branch.
  • The Mothership is currently the only playable Tank to have all the Stats maxed out.
  • This tank along with the Arena Closers are the largest tanks in


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