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Details: Add technical details as well as strategy tips for the Thanksgiving version of the Mothership.

For a Gamemode that uses this Tank, see Arras:Mothership (Game Mode).

The Mothership (Tank) is one of the Tanks is Arras.io, exclusive to the Mothership Gamemode.


The Mothership features a large hexadecagonal body with the team’s color, and on the each side, there’s a Spawner. The Spawners almost look like Cannons, due to their very small amount of inclination.


The Mothership spawns 32 Drones from the Spawners, where 16 of them are controllable and the other 16 are uncontrollable. These drones are somewhat slightly stronger than regular drones, although slightly slower as well.

The Mothership itself has very high health, but suffers from very slow movement speed. It also has an extremely wide FoV range, allowing it to attack enemy tanks with its drones even at far areas.

If no one was controlling the Mothership, it can be controlled by pressing F, showing it is level 110. It has maximum upgrade to every stat, although its massive size causes its movement speed to be so slow.


  • Strong Against: Most Tanks in 1v1 situation, tanks with low RoF, slow or unsuspecting tanks, rammers.
  • Weak Against: Underseer branch, groups of tanks, high DPS or bullet spamming tanks.

As the Mothership

  • Try to pick off tanks that are alone or weak, especially if they are near to the Mothership and can be a threat.
  • On game modes with more than two Motherships, let the other Motherships fight first, then attack once the remaining Mothership/s remain/s with lower health. Be sure to be accompanied with allied tanks, and that the enemy Mothership/s can be easily dealt with due to having few or no teammates accompanying it.
  • Use the clawing technique, especially that the Mothership has many strong drones to use, as well as wide FoV range to catch unsuspecting tanks.
  • Try to be with allied tanks in almost every situation, as they will serve as bodyguards that can defend the Mothership especially against big groups of enemy tanks.

Against the Mothership

  • A team of tanks can overpower the Mothership, especially with bullet spammers like Triplet or Penta Shot.
  • The Underseer branch that have prepared a lot of Drones can block most of the Mothership’s drones and perhaps even deal some damage to it.
  • If most of the Mothership’s drones are targeting someone or something else, the Ranger or Predator may use the opportunity to attack it while vulnerable, assuming no enemy tanks are present and defending it.


  • The Mothership has one of the largest amount of Drones, others include the Necromancer, and the Cruiser branch.
  • The Mothership, along with the Undercover Cop is currently the only playable Tank to have all the Stats maxed out.
    • The Mothership is the only tank found outside Sandbox to have this property.
  • This tank, along with the Arena Closers, are the largest tanks in Arras.io
  • During American Thanksgiving, Motherships would have a completely different appearance making them resemble turkeys, including two eyes. This also drastically affects their weapons and attacks, allowing them to shoot bullets, but has fewer albeit bigger drones.