Not to be confused with the Gunner, which shares a similar design.The second and the third Cannons are bigger.

The Musket is one of the Tier 4 Tanks in that upgrades from Twin or Rifle and doesn't upgrade further. Its upgrade key is Y.


It features a round body, a short Tank-wide Cannon is on the front. It also has 2 Cannons that look like the Twin's Cannons combined to one, with less long.


It basically works like the Rifle with 2 Cannons, each Cannon shoots alternately. It also gains more FoV upon upgrading from the Twin.


  • Strong Against: Low RoF Tanks, Low DPS Tanks, Non-focused fire Tanks, Rammers
  • Weak Against: High RoF Tanks, High DPS Tanks, Bullet Spammers, Tanks at near of it

As the Musket

  • Strategies similar to the Twin can be applied.
  • It has very high DPS, if a tank is weak, the Musket will win almost every time.
  • Even though it is weak against drone classes, it still fares pretty well against them, because a no bullet speed build can build a bullet wall that can kill drones fast and efficiently.You can just select to go for a Reload build or a kinda Sniper build.

Against the Musket

  • Streamliner can destroy a Musket due to higher DPS and the fact that it can out penetrate the Musket's bullets.
  • A Single can shoot right through the bullet stream.But because of the Musket's damage is strong, beware and try to avoid the bullets.


  • The Musket was nerfed, due to being too powerful when it was first added.
  • It is basically a better version of the Twin.You may see it has more damage and bullet speed, very alike to having two Sniper cannons.
  • The Musket, I should say, is quite useless except more FoV and damage and bullet speed


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