The Nailgun is one of the Tier 4 Tanks in that upgrades from the Gunner or Minigun at Level 45. It may not upgrade any further. The upgrade key is U.


The Nailgun features a circular body as a base, like most other tanks, and features three small Cannons mounted onto a trapezium-shaped base.


The Nailgun fires Bullets at a very rapid rate. Each bullet has high Speed but very low Damage, Health, and Penetration.


  • Strong Against: Glass cannon builds, tanks that lack focused fire, Sniper classes at a close range, Trapper classes at close range, rammers and Auto Tanks.
  • Weak Against: Bullet spammers with stronger damage and/or higher reload, drone tanks, swarmer tanks (Battleships etc.) and occasionally Streamliners.

As the Nailgun

  • The Nailgun serves as an effective Gunner-class and a great support tank in team modes. Using it in FFA is probably a very bad choice, as this means that it will have little to no protection from overused, witch-hunting counters like Overlords.
  • Trappers should not be very difficult targets, as the Nailgun's small bullets can easily seep through the spacing between the positioned traps and will hit the Trapper constantly and hopefully defeat it. Barricades, are pretty simple targets as the traps don't have much penetration or damage. Players however should be aware of its long range and high reload.
  • One should get close to defeat any Sniper class unless the player is confident that their movement speed, bullet penetration and bullet health is high enough to kill it. Staying too far would although give more time to avoid the bullets, but will still leave the player vulnerable if they lack movement speed. Players should note that Snipers are very slow tanks, so the player can use their much faster speed to get closer, block any incoming shots and attack the Sniper, any bullets that the player fails to stop should be dodged.
  • This tank is very effective in Domination, as it can quickly shoot down enemies and destroy Dominators fairly fast.
  • Tanks that lack focused fire falls to the hands of a Nailgun, since the focused stream that the Nailgun shoots can quickly push through the bullets fired from the enemy and hit them, doing moderately fair damage, but quick enough to demolish them. Scattered fire tanks include especially Penta Shots, but easier targets would be Octo Tanks or Auto-5s (as long as less than 3 auto turrets are facing the Nailgun).
  • Players should not hesitate with rammers, the Nailgun is ultimately a rammer killer thanks to its decent damage and ridiculous ROF.

Against the Nailgun

  • The Nailgun's slightly weak bullets mean that it will be weak to tanks with much better penetration. Using higher penetrated bullet spammers would probably be the best choice to quickly kill a Nailgun. Beware of ghosting bullets though.
  • Drone tanks like the Overlord or Necromancer can wipe out a Nailgun with ease. The Nailgun has a weak recoil and their bullets are not strong enough to eliminate all of the drones at once. Necromacners should make sure they have lots of drones, because if they don't have the amount of drones that they would normally need for combat, due to the fact that the drones are not really that strong, a Nailgun will wipe them out with ease and proceed to kill the Necromancer if low on drones.
  • In rare occasions, a Streamliner or Minigun can match up to a Nailgun fairly well. Since their bullets are stronger than the Nailguns and they can also shoot faster, plus, the high FOV can make it useful for sniping out the Nailgun with rapid shots.
  • Tanks with swarming attacks can match up to a Nailgun with ease, however, this would be something like a Carrier, which also means that the player needs some skill if they should go up against a Nailgun with a Carrier or a similar tank. This is because, although the Nailgun can only shoot in one direction, making it hard for it to wipe out all of the drones, can kill a Carrier quicker than the drones spawned from it. So make sure to assault it when it is distracted and stay as far as possible.


  • Despite its name, it doesn't shoot nails or nail-shaped projectiles.


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