The Necromancer is one of the current Tier 4 Tanks that upgrades from Underseer, and has no further upgrades. It has 4 Spawners, but spawns only two drones Square Drone by default. Its upgrade key is Y.


The Necromancer looks like the playable version of the Summoner from the original As such, it has a square tank body as a base and four Spawners on its sides. Unlike its counterpart, this Necromancer constantly revolves.


The Necromancer replaces its previous ammunition into controllable Square Drones. It can spawn a maximum of one Drone at once but players can get more by "infecting" Squares with its drones. The tank itself cannot infect squares; only the Drones can.


  • Auto Fire by pressing E.
    • On = Drones will move towards the player’s cursor.
    • Off = Drones will attack any entities which are “hostile” (Polygons included) automatically if no buttons are pressed. If there is nothing to attack, they will form a pseudo-shield around the Necromancer.
  • Shift/Mouse (Right/Left buttons).
    • Holding the left click, or space, on the mouse will make the Drones move to the player’s cursor.
    • Holding right click or shift, causes them to move away from the cursor, holding it will move the Drones in the opposite direction of the mouse’s position as to where the cursor is.
    • For example, holding right click north of the Underseer will move the Drones south.


  • Strong Against: anything with low DPS if not low on Drones, other minor drone classes and tanks with low Reload.
  • Weak Against: anything with high DPS and every hostile entity if low on Drones.

As the Necromancer

  • This tank should be played like an Underseer.
  • Players should use the Drone spawned by the Necromancer’s Spawners to get more Drones. If these Drones are killed they will not respawn via the Spawners but the Drone already provided will.
  • One good tactic is to try and surround the hostile entity with Drones so they have less chance to escape.
  • Players should always keep their Drones near them to defend any sudden attack.
  • Players should keep an eye on their Drone count at all times, since the Necromancer is helpless when lacking Drones.
    • Use drones sparingly; don't waste too many on peaceful entities such as Pentagons, and attack players that are a bigger threat.
  • Don't use the Necromancer in Maze Mode, as the limited space will mean Drones can quickly and easily disappear - the Necromancer thrives in large open spaces.

Against the Necromancer

  • Try to ambush the Necromancer when they are attacking another entity. If they have low Drone speed, they don’t stand a chance due to the fact that it cannot move its Drones in time.
    • Tanks with a large Field of View tanks work well for this, since the player can attack from a distance while the Necromancer is helpless to respond.
  • High DPS tanks such as the Penta Shot are effective against the Necromancer as their powerful firepower will easily cut down the Drones and then move on to the helpless player.
  • Due to the Necromancer’s massive number of Drones, absolutely every tank class should be careful when facing it, at least until its Drone count has been whittled down to a manageable number.


  • Unlike the Necromancer, touching a Square with the tank body will not cause anything to happen.


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