The Nest Keeper is a boss in


The Nest Keeper has a pentagon body with 5 Twin auto turrets, one in each corner on the outside of its body, with each having the same body color. It also has 5 drone Spawners, one on each side of its body. In the center of its body it has one Boomer turret.


As described in the infobox, the Nest Keeper has:


What to do

  • Be mindful of its drones, they’re fairly strong.
  • You won’t stand a chance by yourself - team up if possible. Whether they're on your side or not, someone else nearby can provide a much-needed diversion that can be used to your advantage. You may need more than one as it has five Twin Auto Turrets and Drones.
  • It has a chance to spawn with a Rogue Palisade, a Summoner and/or an Elite Skimmer. If this is the case, do NOT fight all at once, they can make a very deadly combo (especially with the Elite Skimmer), instead, try getting them to move away from each other (if the other boss is a Rogue Palisade, make the Nest keeper move away from the Rogue Palisade) before fighting them.

What not to do

  • Try ramming it when it has high health as is has more health than a max-health Smasher.
  • Fight it alone (unless you are skilled). Although the twin turrets and drones are weak, the boomer cannon is powerful enough to two-shot a glass build tank.
  • Try to use a drone tank without a team as the drone tank may be strong against regular tanks the drone tank will be easily killed by the Nest Keeper (especially Underseer branch)


  • This boss was a suggestion by Whert.
  • Its the first boss to use the Pentagon shape.
  • It is the first (and currently the only) boss to use boomerangs.
  • Along with Rogue Palisade, Summoner and Elite Skimmer, before spawning, the message "A strange trembling..." will show up.
  • The Nest Keeper was added along with the Elite Battleship in the March 18th, 2020 Update.
  • This boss is the second-largest in the game, the largest being the Celestials.
  • The Nest Keeper's Drones can push it around, giving it some kind of speed boost sometimes.
  • This boss reminds of the Omega Pentagon (Leviathan)


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