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Notifications are messages that show up in the middle-top of the screen when something special happens in the game. There are two types of notifications: those which are shown to the whole server as an announcement and those which are only shown to a single player.

Server Notifications

Current Server Notifications

Condition Notification
When a Bosses (or Bosses) prepares to spawn.
  • “A visitor is coming.”
  • “Visitors are coming.”
  • “A strange trembling...”(When non-Elite Crasher is coming)
When a Boss (or Bosses) has spawned.
  • “(Boss's name) has arrived.”(When only one Boss has spawned)
  • “(1st boss's name) and (2nd boss's name) have arrived.”(When 2 Bosses have spawned)
  • “(1st boss's name), (2nd boss's name) and (3rd boss's name) have arrived.”(When 3 Bosses have spawned)
When a Boss has defeated.
  • “A visitor has left!”
When a player at top of the leaderboard has been killed.
  • “(Victim's name) has been usurped by (perpetrator's name)!”
  • “The leader has been usurped by (perpetrator's name)!”(If the leader doesn't have a name)
  • “(Victim's name) has been usurped by an unnamed player!”(If the perpetrator doesn't have a name)
  • “The leader has been usurped by an unnamed player!”(If the leader and perpetrator both don't have names)
  • “(Victim's name) fought a polygon... and the polygon won.”(If the leader is killed by non-Tank, including enemies' Bases)
  • “A leader fought a polygon... and the polygon won.”(If the leader doesn't have a name and killed by non-Tank)
When a team wins the match in Domination, Mothership, or Assault.
When the arena is closing/closed.
  • “Arena closed: no players may join!”
  • “Closing!”
When the server is overloaded.
  • “Server overloaded! Restarting...”

Player-Specific Notifications[1]

Spawn Notifications

Condition Notification
Upon spawning in an arena.
  • “You have spawned! Welcome to the game.”
  • “You will be invulnerable until you move or shoot.”
  • “Press N to level up instantly.”
Upon attempting to respawn on a closing server.
  • "Arena closed."

Upgrade Notifications

Condition Notification
Upon upgrading to another class.
  • “You have upgraded to (your class).”
Upon upgrading to one of specific classes.
  • “Hold right click to zoom.”(Upon upgrading to the Predator)
  • “Stay still to turn invisible.”(Upon upgrading to the Stalker, Manager, or the Landmine)
  • “Press R and wait to turn your drones invisible.”(Upon upgrading to the Maleficitor)
  • “Hold right click to fire your main cannon.” (Upon upgrading to the Falcon, or the Eagle)

Kill Notifications

Condition Notification
Upon killing another player.
  • “You killed (victim's name)'s (victim's class).”
  • “You killed an unnamed player's (victim's class).”(If the victim doesn't have a name)
When the player kills a Boss.
  • “You killed (boss's name)'s (boss type).”
  • "You killed a visiting (boss type)." (if the boss does not have a name)
Upon killed by another player.
  • "(perpetrator's name) killed you with (an ammunition or ammunitions that killed you)."
  • "An unnamed player killed you with (an ammunition or ammunitions that killed you)(If the perpetrator doesn't have a name)."
Upon killed by a non-player object.
  • "You have been killed by (an object or objects)."
When you suicided. (to enemy base or arena closer)
  • "You have died a stupid death."

Mode Notifications

Condition Notification
When auto-fire is turned on.
  • “Autofire enabled.”
When auto-fire is turned off.
  • “Autofire disabled.
When auto-spin is turned on.
  • “Autospin enabled.”
When auto-spin is turned off.
  • “Autospin disabled.”
When override is turned on.
  • “Override enabled.”
When override is turned off.
  • “Override disabled.”
When reverse mouse is turned on.
  • “Reversed mouse enabled.”
When reverse mouse is turned off.
  • “Reversed mouse disabled.”
When reverse tank is turned on.
  • “Reversed tank enabled.”
When reverse tank is turned off.
  • “Reversed tank disabled.”
When recording video is started.
  • “Recorder initiated and started!”
  • “Recorder started!”
When recording video is stopped.
  • “Recorder stopped! Saving file...”
When the player doesn't press N for 30 seconds after spawning.
  • “You can press N to level up instantly.”

Gamemode-Specific Notifications


Condition Notification
When a team takes over a neutral Dominator.
  • "The (Center/Northern/Eastern/Southern/Western/NW/NE/SW/SE) Dominator is now controlled by (team)"
When a Dominator becomes contested.
  • "The (Center/Northern/Eastern/Southern/Western/NW/NE/SW/SE) Dominator is being contested"


Condition Notification
Upon successfully taking control of a Mothership.
  • "You are now controlling the Mothership. Press F to surrender control."
Upon attempting to take control of an already player-controlled Mothership.
  • "Someone has already taken that tank."


Condition Notification
When a sanctuary is destroyed.
  • "A Sanctuary is destroyed"
When a sanctuary is restored.
  • "A Sanctuary is restored"
When all sanctuaries have been destroyed.
  • "All of the sanctuaries are destroyed. You cannot respawn."
Upon attempting to respawn with no active Sanctuaries.
  • "You cannot respawn as all of your team's sanctuaries are destroyed."
When the players' team is about to lose due to all Sanctuaries being destroyed.
  • "Your team will lose in (time) seconds."
When the players' team loses.
  • "Your team have lost."
When the players' team restores a Sanctuary after losing all of them.
  • "You can now respawn."
When the first wave is about to start.
  • "The first wave starts in (time) seconds."
When another wave is about to start.
  • "The next wave starts in (time) seconds."
Upon the start of a wave.
  • "Wave (wave number) has started!"
Upon the start of wave 13.
  • "The world tremors as the celestials are reborn anew!"
Upon the start of the final wave.
  • "The reality comes to an end as Ragnarok finally arrives!
When all waves have been defeated.


Condition Notification
When a Sanctuary/Dominator is destroyed.
  • "A GREEN (sanctuary/dominator) has been destroyed!"
When a Dominator is restored.
  • "A GREEN dominator has been repaired!"
When the green team loses a second Sanctuary/Dominator, resetting the victory timer.
  • "GREEN bases are down."
When the green team victory timer reaches a certain threshold.
  • "(time remaining) until GREEN wins!"



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  1. These kinds of notifications only effect a single person.
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