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Obstacles are types of Polygon found in Arras.io. They are impossible to destroy, unable to move, and able to reflect any type of ammunition that bumps into them. They come in different shapes and sizes and usually spawn in clusters of about 5-10.


There are two variants of Obstacles, "Rock" for large Obstacles and "Gravel" for small Obstacles. Rocks have nine sides, meaning they are nonagons, while Gravel has seven, making them heptagons.


Obstacles have the interesting ability to reflect any Bullets, Drones, and Traps that collide with it, which, as intended by the developer, can allow tanks to trickshot other players. Obstacles are visible on the minimap. Since drones are manually controlled, they will reflect and go back to the cursor

Obstacles only appear on certain Game Modes. On FFA, Squads and Open game modes, Obstacles are mostly found near to the map borders. On non-Portal and non-Open 2TDM game modes, Obstacles never appear inside Bases, and 4TDM only has Obstacles locatable on the map sides, but not on the map corners. On Portal TDM, rocks only appear on the second area, requiring the player to travel through the Portals to find them.


  • Before the addition of Maze game mode variants, obstacles served as the Arras version of Maze Walls.
  • Tanks that have long cannons that can reach inside half of the Obstacle (like the Assassin and the Hunter Branch) can shoot bullets through the Obstacle, using the Rock/Gravel as a shield.
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