The Overdrive is one of the existing Tier 4 Tanks that has been fully upgraded from the Overseer, and cannot be promoted any further. Its upgrade key is K.


The Overdrive features a blue circular body, along with two trapezoidal barrels (Spawners) at the left and right. It also carries a gray square in the center to differentiate it from the Overseer.


It is essentially the same as its previous upgrade, the Overseer, but each of its drones has an uncontrollable Auto Turret. It can handle up to 8 Drones at once. Similar to the Crasher-based Polygon, the Sentry, but their Bullet is weak like the Spawner or Factory's.


  • Strong Against: Basic, other Drone classes, Trappers, all-direction Bullet spammers (e.g. Cyclone), slow rammers and Destroyers (with a good amount of movement speed)
  • Weak Against: Snipers, dense firing bullet spammers (e.g. Streamliner), teamers, and fast rammers.

As the Overdrive

  • Tanks with low firing ability are good targets because your Drones have turrets on them, so you may not have to send your Drones directly at your target, but instead send them close to your target as your Auto-Turrets will do a decent amount of damage to it.
  • Tanks with critically low health can be killed using Overdrive, because their health is so low that your drone's turrets can easily deal the final blow. So you don't have to send your drones directly at the tank.
  • Destroyers are vulnerable to overdrive because of their slow firing rate and the lack of protection from their bullets. They can target you but that makes it easy to kill it unless you are slow and unable to dodge the bullets, or they can target your drones and destroy some of them at a time, but you will just generate more drones automatically and remember, your drones have guns too, so if the destroyer targets your drones, you create more drones, thus creating a large spread of drone bullets which will quickly overwhelm the destroyer. But if your movement speed is low, engaging a destroyer may not be the best idea.
  • Trappers are not that hard to kill because they have a slow rate of fire (except Barricade since it has stacked weapons and fast rate of fire) making it easy to bear down on the tank and destroying it.
  • Killing Builder branch tanks is not that hard because of their slow rate of fire and single directional gun. You can get your drones close to the Builder and the turrets will quickly lower its health. But beware of their fast-flying traps as you may not be able to dodge them if your movement speed is too low.
  • Flank Guards, Hexa Tanks, Octo Tanks, and Cyclones are not hard to kill because their bullets are weak and short ranged, and your Drone bullets can easily penetrate the bullet wall created by those tanks.

Against the Overdrive

  • Fast rammers are a problem because of their fast movement speed and a large pool of health. Keep your drones around yourself in a protective formation and do not send your drones at the rammer as it will dodge them and circle around and destroy you. Even protective formation, your drones may not have enough health to protect yourself against the rammer but for the Overdrive, you have an automatic turret on each drone, allowing you to chip away at it's health and knock it back but if your drones are too far away, your automatic turrets will shoot at the rammer, pushing the rammer towards you and into your inevitable death.
  • Snipers are a problem because they can see farther than you and can shoot powerful projectiles at you from afar. If you happen to get close enough to one, your drone turrets will shoot at it, chipping at it's health and leading you directly to it.
  • If you happen to meat a fast-firing bullet spammer, just leave because the bullets will quickly destroy all of your drones and it may boost toward you (or away) and destroy you.


  • The Overdrive is currently the only tank available with an automatic turret used on the drones.
  • It was created as a suggestion for a private server by a person under the username of: Ɗคᶇƙツ#9557 (on discord).
  • Prior to May 4, 2019, Overdrive is the 2nd newest added Lv 45 tank, the newest one being the Twister.


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