The Overgunner is one of the Tier 4 Tanks in, that may upgrade from the Overseer or the Gunner and not upgrade further. The upgrade key is I.


The Overgunner has 2 Spawners at the back that spawn 2 Drones each. It also has 2 thin Gunner Cannons on the front, single short rectangle overwraps them. It has a circular body.


Compared to the Gunner, it loses 2 Cannons, but gets 2 new Drone Spawners. Note that when compared to the Gunner, reload decreases but bullet speed increases.


As the Overgunner

  • Generally go for tanks with a low RoF.
  • Avoid other Overgunners.
  • If low on health, avoid holding grudges with fast rammers, since fast rammers are strong against this tank.
    • This tank can go well against slow rammers, however, considering that it would be easier to aim them and kill them faster.
  • It is a great tank to go against Snipers and Destroyers.

Against the Overgunner

  • Use Cyclone to out-penetrate Overgunner's cannons and drones. One of the things that should be done is enabling autospin and upgrading bullet-related stats a bit, as well.
  • Fast rammers (Smasher-branched tanks with a high movement speed) can confuse the opponent and even be able to manage to kill them if their body damage and health also strong.
  • Drone classes are a great way to efficiently surround and take out the Overgunner.
  • Generally avoid this tank if you are a Destroyer.


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