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The Overlord is one of current Arras.io Tier 4 Tanks that may upgrade from the Overseer and not upgrade further. The upgade key is Y.


The Overlord has 4 drone spawners on its round body, one pointing at each of the four cardinal direction.


The Overlord produces up to four drones at once up to a total of eight at any given moment. If producing four drones would result in more than eight drones, it will spawn as much as allowed from spawners in the following order of priority: right, back, left, front (front is the direction where the player is aiming).

The Overlord, as its predecessor the Overseer, does not charge, that is it does not 'store' drones corresponding to its number of spawners after it reaches its max number of drones and deploy them immediately upon losing drones. Moreover, the Overlord actually takes more time to spawn drones after controlling eight drones for a certain duration.

As with other Drone tanks, press e to constantly attract Drones to cursor, r to disable auto-attack, and hold the right-mouse-button to repel.

The Overlord retain the Overseer's FoV of 25 1/4 grids in the horizontal direction.


  • Strong Against: Low DPS tanks, distracted or unprepared tanks, and Trapper classes
  • Weak Against: High DPS tanks, fast ramming tanks, bullet Tri-Angle branch, skilled Overdrive players.

As the Overlord

  • Recommended upgrades for the Overlord include increasing Drone Speed (to quickly catch enemies), Drone Damage (to harm the enemy), Movement Speed (to chase rammers and fast snipers), and Drone Health (to add protection value and to get Drones past enemy Bullets).
  • In modes with teams, Overlords are extremely valuable tanks, as they can hide behind strong bullet spammers, as they support with their Drones, keeping the tanks shielded from enemy fire. Attacking enemy tanks from behind is also an effective strategy in combination with other tanks, because it forces them to turn around, allowing others to close in and kill them. Also, you could make them shoot at your tank while you dodge their Bullets and attack from the side. Most focus only on your tank until they die, when none of their Bullets hit you.
  • The Overlord is good at 1v1 battles but has a hard time in group battles where it can only defend. If the Overlord is surrounded, the best strategy is to run away and use the Drones for shielding.
  • Players using the Overlord should avoid direct face-offs with tanks that have high Bullet Penetration or with high Reload.
  • Repelling the drones at an opponent and then swarming them from behind and sides is an effective maneuver known as the claw.
  • Another variation of this is baiting your opponent to a border of the map, then repelling your drones along the wall, and then swarming them from the sides and front.
  • Sometimes it is quicker to spawn new Drones by ramming old ones into walls than moving them back.
  • Try to take down any other tank in the Trapper branch or the Annihilator.
  • A good build is 0/5/8/6/5/8/7/3/0/0, this gives you decent damage and enough health to face rammers after you damage them.
  • Of course, this tank is incredibly effective when played in a maze map, since it can swing its drones around a corner and stay mostly safe while tearing apart enemy tanks.

Against the Overlord

  • If fleeing is necessary, which is often the case when being attacked by an Overlord, moving towards a corner of the screen may increase the player's odds of survival. This maneuver makes it more difficult for the Overlord to aim its Drones to target a tank fleeing this way.
  • The Destroyer branch is effective against Overlords since their Bullets have high Penetration/Damage, and can destroy a few Drones when maxed out. Players should attack an Overlord when its Drones are attacking someone else. Use the recoil to boost toward the Overlord to get a better shot and attack the Overlord. If the attempt fails, quickly run away and shoot at the Overlord’s Drones.
  • Unless using the Factory, players should not attempt to attack an Overlord by charging through its Drones, as this can kill or almost kill most classes.
  • Although the Smasher and its branch-offs are considered weak against the Overlord's Drones, as it is with the Drones that other tanks carry, the Overlord tank itself is perfect for ramming into. When combatting the Overlord, Smasher-class tanks should try to make contact with the Overlord while denying contact with its Drones. Depending on how much Movement Speed the Smasher-class tank has compared to how much Drone Speed the Overlord has, the Smasher-class tank can be easy pickings for the Drones or the Smasher-class tank can dodge any attack the Overlord tries to make; get 10 points in Movement Speed to make it the latter.
  • Unlike in Diep.io, rammers with full health and movement speed are a hard counter to Overlord, and if you are a Booster, the Overlord cannot even chase you.