The Overseer is one of the current Tier 3 Tanks in that may upgrade from the Director. The Overseer may further upgrade into the Overlord, Overdrive, Overgunner, Auto-Overseer, Banshee, or the Overtrapper. The upgrade key for it is Y.


The Overseer features a circular Tank body as a base with two Spawners mounted at the sides.


Upon upgrading to the Overseer, it gains three more Drones and another Spawner.


  • Strong Against: Tanks with slow reload, non-ramming Destroyer upgrades
  • Weak Against: Bullet spamming tanks, spread fire tanks (e.g. Penta Shots, Spread Shots), fast rammers, skilled Spawner upgrades players

As the Overseer

  • Players with few or no Drones should avoid other tanks, as the Overseer is completely helpless without them.
  • A skillful use of repelling out of the drones is helpful especially when enemy tanks are about to get away or escape. This is best combined with high Drone Speed.

Against the Overseer

  • An Overseer with its full complement of Drones packs a hefty punch so players should be wary when fighting them.
  • High DPS tanks like the Triple Shot can easily penetrate the Overseer's Drones, leaving the Overseer completely helpless.
  • Fast rammers like the Tri-Angle branch can easily evade the Overseer's drones and then go for the Overseer itself.
  • Skilled users of Spawner upgrades (e.g. the Factory) can also aim its Minions' bullets at the Overseer itself and also avoid any contact with the Overseer's drones.


  • This tank has the most removed upgrades at four.



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