The Overtrapper is one of the current Tier 4 Tanks, which upgrades from Overseer and Trapper at level 45 and doesn't upgrade further. The upgrade key is H for the Overseer, and J for the Trapper.


It features a round body like most of other Tanks, and the 2 Spawners are at back and the Launcher at front.


The Overtrapper gains 2 drone spawners that produce 2 drones from each spawner. Contrary to its original version, the drones are controllable.


  • Strong Against: Most Rammers
  • Weak Against: Tanks with a high RoF

As the Overtrapper

  • Go for rammers, such as the Smasher. However, do not go for Tri-Angle classes.
  • Avoid picking fights with high DPS or high damage.

Against the Overtrapper

  • Attack the tank from this tank's back.
  • Attack when caught unaware. In other words, do a surprise attack.
  • Use a Tank with a high reload, such as the Machine Gun-branched classes or the Twin-branched classes.


  • This tank, along with the Overgunner, has the least controllable drones in for tanks with drones (4)
  • In its counterpart, this tank only spawn 2 drones at max, and they are controlled by AI.


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