The Penta Shot is one of the Tier 4 Tanks in that may upgrade from the Triple Shot at Level 45. It does not upgrade any further since it is at the end of its upgrade line. Its is Y.


The Penta Shot has a circular base with a total of five Cannons, the center Cannon being the longest. Two Cannons on each side are underneath it, with the farthest from the center appearing to be the smallest.


The Penta Shot has five Cannons, each with good accuracy. Reload and Bullet Speed are high, but Bullet Damage, Health, and Penetration are slightly reduced. Recoil is significant.


  • Strong Against: Director tree, slow Rate of Fire tanks, Melee builds, multiple enemies.
  • Weak Against: Tanks with focused fire (e.g. Triplet), Destroyers when caught unaware, Snipers.

As the Penta Shot

  • The Penta Shot's huge spread and ridiculous ROF makes it extremely effective at farming and taking out multiple enemies at once. However, when it comes to attacking multiple enemies, it depends how strong the enemies are. If its at least four enemies with high DPS and usually a very high or moderate rate of fire with good bullet speed, then a Penta Shot would have a very high chance of dying, if it's something unlike decently upgraded tanks, then a Penta Shot would survive very well.
  • Director-based tanks are the best bet of EXP, because nearly all drone attacks from these types of tanks can't get past the Penta Shot's wall of bullets, thanks to its huge area cover and ROF. Penta Shots can either use the multi-direction pattern of their bullets to destroy repel attacks or use their recoil to boost away from straightforward and focused drone attacks while taking out the drones. Especially swarmers like Necromancers and Carriers will struggle very badly against Penta Shots.
  • In Domination, the Penta Shot is one of the best choices for the game mode. Due to the fact it can shoot in multiple directions along with fast reload make it useful for defending Dominators, withering down enemy defense when playing offensive by attacking Dominators and protecting/saving teammates from enemy tanks. A whole group of Penta Shots would guarantee the players a very high chance of winning and can also make up the fact that a single Penta Shot's huge spread makes it not as effective as a focused fire tank against Dominators. A relative strategy applies for 3TDM.
  • When the player gets raided by a focused fire tank such as one with strong bullets (basically a Sniper or Destroyer and their upgrades) or one with a fast reload (Triplet e.g.), they will struggle against these tanks as they can penetrate the spread fire of the Penta Shot easily. However, a Penta Shot can still defend itself against a focused fire tank pretty well and can do it for a long time before the bullets manage to penetrate the Penta Shot's wall of bullets. Sometimes,

Against the Penta Shot

  • Drone tanks can kill Penta Shots by flanking them or catching them unawares (while the Penta Shot is using its recoil to move forwards). However, in most situations it will have trouble defeating it.
  • Destroyer-class tanks, such as the Annihilator and Hybrid have a great chance of killing the Penta Shot if they're skilled. However, they should keep a close eye on their health, since the Penta can rapidly inflict heavy damage.
  • Rammers should typically avoid Pentas, due to their high recoil and massive firepower. The only exceptions to this should be if the Penta is engaging several other enemies or if its cannons are pointed in the other direction.
  • Focused fire tanks and ranged Sniper classes should engage the Penta, using their powerful and concentrated bullets to punch through the Penta Shot's bullet wall.


  • The Penta Shot's appearance is identical to that of the Penta Shot.


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