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The Penta Shot is one of the Tier 4 Tanks in Arras.io that may upgrade from the Triple Shot at Level 45. It does not upgrade any further since it is at the end of its upgrade line. Its upgrade key is Y.


The Penta Shot has a circular base with a total of five Cannons, the center Cannon being the longest. Two Cannons on each side are underneath it, with the farthest from the center appearing to be the smallest.


The Penta Shot has five Cannons, each with good accuracy. Reload and Bullet Speed are high, but Bullet Damage, Health, and Penetration are slightly reduced. Recoil is significant.


As the Penta Shot

  • The greatest feature of the Penta Shot is its huge spread and ridiculous total RoF in a single direction, which conveys it the following characteristics:
    • It is very strong against any tank that relies on their agility to stay close to deal low but constant damage, for example the Octo Tank or the Surfer. Penta Shot’s superior firepower can neutralize their bullets and outmatch them.
    • It is effective at fighting multiple enemies at once. Of course, it still cannot defeat multiple DPS tanks such as the Machine Gunner and the Sprayer.
    • It is among the best farming tank.
  • The Penta Shot also has high total recoil. That with its powerful spread means that the Penta Shot can basically escape from any kind of pursuit.
  • Although the Penta Shot’s bullets spread widely over the distance, they are actually quite concentrated at close proximity. They destroy rammers, drones, or distracted Dominators rapidly at this range.
  • You can increase the focus fire of the tank by manual stacking the middle 3 cannons.
  • One can also concentrate their fire by wiggling so that the cannons (or at least three of them) are always pointing at the target when they fire.
  • The Penta Shot can be effective against Drone tanks because its recoil provides extra maneuverability and its bullets deal decent damage against the Drones. The Penta Shot can easily boost away while taking out the drones. A skillful player may even dodge the Drones, boost forward while destroying the overshootung Drones, then fire at the Drone tank. Necromancers, Carriers, and their derivatives can struggle very badly against the Penta Shots.
  • In Domination, the Penta Shot is one of the best choices for the game mode. In defence, its rapid fire over a wide area makes it hard for enemies to approach or find an opening. In offence, it is useful for covering allies or destroying enemy Dominators with all five cannons while a teammate is distracting it. A whole group of Penta Shots would guarantee the players a very high chance of winning. A relative strategy applies for 3TDM.
  • Penta Shot rammer is possible. It has the slight advantage of not having a cannon at its front over the Booster (more stealthy).

Against the Penta Shot

  • The Penta Shot’s small FoV and great recoil make it very vulnerable to surprise attack from behind especially when it is boosting forward at full speed.
    • Drone tanks can kill Penta Shots by catching them unawares as described above. Clawing is usually of little effect against the Penta Shot.
    • Destroyer class tanks, such as the Annihilator and Hybrid can also kill the Penta Shot by the same waylaying tactics. Retreat from the Penta Shot’s powerful volley if it fails.
  • The Penta Shot advances quite slowly due to its high recoil. Retreat while firing at it and one usually can escape safely.
  • Rammers should typically avoid Penta Shot even if it is low on health, due to its high recoil and massive firepower. Exception is that if the Penta is engaging several other enemies.
  • Sharp shooting snipers may engage the Penta Shot, using their powerful and accurate bullets to punch through weak spots on the Penta Shot’s bullet wall. The Nailgun may attempt to chip away the Penta Shot’s health too.
  • Focused fire DPS tanks should be able to suppress the Penta Shot. It will not be easy to kill the Penta Shot though due to its tight defence.


  • The Penta Shot’s appearance is identical to that of the Diep.io Penta Shot.