The Pounder is one of the current Tier 2 Tanks in that upgrades from the Basic. The Pounder can further upgrade into the Destroyer, Builder, and Artillery; and the Eagle and Shotgun at Level 45. Its upgrade key is K.


The Pounder has a circular tank body as a base and a Cannon slightly wider than normal.


The Pounder fires slightly larger Bullets that deal higher Bullet Damage, but it has a slightly slower rate of fire. It also has a slightly more powerful recoil compared to the Basic.


As the Pounder

  • This tank should be played like the Destroyer.
  • The Pounder is an extraordinary tank that easily damages tier 2 and 1 tanks with low health.
    • Therefore, if the player is aiming to play the Pounder and its upgrades, they should put points into bullet damage, penetration and health first. However, after upgrading, the player should focus on bullet speed and reload.
  • Aim for low level tanks with low health and speed. This greatly decreases the chance of missing and increases the chance of a one-hit kill.
  • If upgrading to Destroyer, one strategy is to stay at Pounder until level 45, because its reload and bullet speed are higher, although its damage, penetration, and recoil are worse.

Against the Pounder

  • Anything upgraded from the Director, with all points spent on Drone damage and speed, can easily crush the weak Pounder.
  • However, if it is fast and has high reload, the table may turn as it could be a ramming pounder. It is possible for a rammer to outrun your drones and kill you.


  • The Pounder does not have a regular counterpart.
  • This tank was added, then removed, and then re-added into the game.


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